August 15, 2021

Tree Removal Service: When To Remove A Tree From Your Property | Dallas, TX

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Having a tree or two on your property can be nice. Trees are beautiful structures that add to curb appeal, shade, and other benefits. However, there are times when the tree or trees on your property can become troublesome and need removal. Tree removal is not an easy process and should be handled by a professional tree removal service provider. If you have a problematic tree on your property that needs to be removed, contact a reputable tree removal provider. If you live in the Dallas, TX, area, contact the staff at S&P tree service for tree inspection and removal services.

Reasons To Remove a Tree

If your tree has the potential to be problematic or is already causing you trouble, you should have it professionally removed. Recognizing a hazardous situation is the first step and finding the right tree removal provider is the next step. If you are unsure about a tree, have a professional tree removal service provider inspect and assess it, to better determine if it needs to be taken down or not.

It’s Too Close to the Home

A tree being too close to a home is one of the number one reasons to remove it from your property. Having a tree grow close to the home presents a slew of issues. Tree branches, roots, and the tree itself present a serious hazard to the structure of your home. In the case of turbulent weather, the tree falling over, or shedding its branches, could damage your home. The roots of the tree could also penetrate your foundation, as well as your plumbing system, causing issues within your home. If the tree or trees on your property are extremely close to your home, you should have them removed as soon as possible, in order to avoid damage to your property. Removing a tree that is too close to your home, will cost less than the repairs needed if you allow it to stay. If a tree is too close to your home, it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when it will fall.

Seriously Damaged

Trees are living things that can become majorly injured and unable to heal. There are some damages that can actually heal over time. If you are unsure of whether or not a tree can recover from some type of damage it has garnered, contact a professional tree removal service to assess this tree and decide whether or not it is salvageable or not. If the tree is obviously seriously damaged, chances are it won’t be able to heal. Trees that are damaged to this extent must be removed from the property.

It’s important to remove severely damaged trees because eventually, they will start to decay and cause issues for your home ad property. Decaying trees will attract mold, pests, and other varmints. These varmints can spread to other trees and even enter your home. It is important to get rid of decaying trees before they attract pests that can infest your home. It is also important to remove severely damaged tees due to the damage the debris could cause in case of a storm or other serious weather-related event. If you live in or around the Dallas, TX, area, and are in need of professional tree removal service, contact the staff at S&P Tree Serice today.

Troublesome Roots

As mentioned previously, the roots of trees can cause issues on your property. Tree roots grow with trees the larger the tree, the bigger and stronger the roots are. Tree roots don’t stop growing, they will continue to extend as the tree gets larger in order to keep up with its growing need for nutritional resources. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important you remove trees with troublesome roots. If the tree roots on your property are growing into your sewage pipelines and plumbing, or into your basement/foundation, you should have them removed. You should also remove a tree if the roots are starting to displace parts of your concrete or driveway paving, this could lead to cracks in the foundation and cause water to seep into your basement. If you notice these issues, contact your local tree removal service provider for a consultation.

Hanging Over Your Home

Sometimes trees get so large, that it doesn’t even have to be on your property to cause and create issues for your property. If a tree is on someone else’s property or the government’s property, and it is starting to encroach on your rightfully owned property, you have the right to remove this threat from your property. Depending on the type of tree it is and how it is posing a threat, you may be required to get permission. If it is in your neighbor’s yard, perhaps you could skip over the red tape by speaking to them about your plans to either remove the tree in its entirety or to simply have the parts of the tree that are posing a threat to your property removes alone. Either way, if it is causing an issue for the safety of your property and home, you should have it removed by a professional tree removal service provider.

Too Large

You may have a tree on your property that may have not posed a threat before but is now. Each year, as it grows, it is starting to become a hazard to your property. If this is the case, you will need to have a professional tree removal service provider take care of the issues. Trees that are far from your home are typically considered safe, however, if the tree grows large and tall enough, it could actually become a risk factor. It can be hard to part with trees such as this, however, if it were to stay on your property, it would eventually fall and cause serious damage to your roof, or the integrity of your home’s structure.

Tree removal can be dangerous. This is especially true for individuals with no professional experience. If you have a tree on your property that needs to be removed, contact a professional tree removal service provider. If you live in the Dallas, TX, area, contact the staff at S&P Tree Service for urgent tree removal service and assessment today.