May 06, 2021

Tree Removal Service | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By K Hanley CHDPhoto at Shutterstock

Residents of Fort Worth, TX know a thing or two about extreme weather. While the city is known for its mild winters and extremely hot summers, there are a lot of outliers that keep the weatherman jumping. From day to day you never know what is coming our way, so it may be helpful to learn a little bit about tree removal service because at one point it is something you may need. If you have trees on your property, there is a good chance that at some point in your lifetime you will have to deal with removing them.

During some years, local residents experience tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and droughts all at once. High wind gusts are enough to take down trees that you think are firm and those that are already weakened. That makes it even more important when it comes to regular tree inspections. Prior to hurricane season, it is a good idea to hire a tree removal service to come and inspect your trees to look for any that are suffering from disease or root decay. Having a tree removed before it becomes part of storm damage is preferable, because then you will hopefully not have to deal with property damage as well. Keep in mind that if your tree falls on a neighbor’s property you are also liable for those damages.

Of course, unless you happen to be a trained arborist, it can be difficult to tell when it is time for tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX. While you can always call and schedule an annual inspection to let a trained professional evaluate your trees and offer you advice, there are a few signs that you can also look for on your own. It’s not a bad idea to pick a time of year to routinely inspect your own trees. Once you make a habit of it, the task won’t seem as intimidating. While you are out in your yard, here are a few of the things that you should look for. If you notice any of these, make sure to call a tree removal company to help you with the task right away.

Signs of Root Decay

One of the biggest indicators that a tree needs to be removed is the health of its roots. The roots are responsible for structurally holding a tree in place. Think of the roots as the anchor of the tree. If something happens to the anchor, then the entire tree will come crashing down. This is why when you see a tree has fallen over you often see the root structure pulled up to align with it. Decaying or damaged roots are clear signs that the tree is a fall risk, and are a good reason to call for tree removal service. If you notice any major roots look severed or that the ground around a tree is starting to lift up around the roots this is a sign that the tree is starting to gradually prepare itself to fall. Don’t wait for this to happen unless you want to pay a much more expensive bill down the line and call promptly for tree removal service.

Your Tree Is Starting to Resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa can lean, but the trees in your backyard should not. While some trees naturally grow a little slanted because they are reaching towards the sun, a tree that was previously straight should never start to lean. If you notice any trees in your yard starting to take on a lean then you need to call an arborist to come out and take a look. This is even more important if the tree or branch is starting to lean out towards your driveway, street, home, or neighbor’s property. Take a moment to look at the trunk of the tree in question and follow it upwards. If you see a lean that is new or more than a 15-degree angle, it is time to call a tree removal service.

The Bark on Your Tree Is Disappearing

You can tell a lot about the health of your tree just by looking at its trunk. For instance, a trunk that is beginning to hollow or show signs of decay tells you that the tree is slowly dying. The best way to tell if a trunk is hollowing out is by looking at the area left behind when a branch falls off. If the branch falls because of storm damage it should look split off, but if you can see a cavity that allows you to peer inside the trunk, then clearly the tree has started to hollow out and you need a tree removal service.

Another thing to look for is cracks running along the trunk. Cracks along the trunk are similar to cracks that you might see in foundation walls that concern you. Remember that a tree is what wood is made out of, so the same way you would be concerned about cracking wood in your home, you should be concerned about cracks near the base of a tree trunk.

Finally, while inspecting the trunk make it a point to look closely at the health of the bark on your tree. A healthy tree should have a healthy layer of bark over it as well. Any peeling or chipping that is underneath the bark can indicate that something is wrong. If you notice that there are large areas of bark missing on your trees this is a clear sign of disease or a decaying tree. Keep in mind that one spot alone does not mean that a tree is dying, the bark can get knocked by other storm damage or animals, but multiple bald spots are a clear sign of danger.

If you notice this or any other sign of damage, then you need to call for tree removal service right away. S&P Tree Service has helped out many Fort Worth, TX clients with their tree problems, and we would be glad to take a look and see if it’s time for a tree removal service.