September 20, 2018

Tree Maintenance in Dallas, TX – What You Should Know About Trees

Trees are one of the greatest creations of nature. They reduce overall temperatures, clean the air by removing harmful gases and fossil fuel emissions, purify ground water and protect our health. The diversity of benefits that trees offer is well worth taking extra steps to protect them.

Tree maintenance in Dallas, TX entails a lot of things. It is not always about planting and nourishing trees but sometimes trees have to be trimmed or completely removed in order to protect the overall ecosystem. It is important to know a couple of basic things in order to ensure effective tree service in Dallas, TX.

Trees and the Environment

While most of us are aware of the plight of our planet and the damage that has been caused to the environment, it is always beneficial to highlight the issue as much as possible. Trees are part of continuous cycle that has impacts on the environment and on our health too. One large tree can provide air supply for a day to an average of 4 people. One study conducted on 10 cities concluded that trees save at least one life each year. In New York City that number rises to eight lives every year. The point of emphasis is quite clear; tree maintenance in Dallas, TX is imperative.

Times When Trees Become a Nuisance

However, despite their benefits, trees are living things and therefore prone to problems. There are times when trees turn into an element that contributes to damaging the environment and the ecosystems around it. Trees can fall sick due to lack of proper nutrition, become damaged from storms or other natural disasters or simply start to lose their ground due to other reasons. These are just a few examples of situations where tree removal service in Dallas, TX becomes a necessity.

Ideal Tree Maintenance Tips That You Should Know

While there is little we can do in case of natural disasters or other elements like diseases, a lot can be done to look after the healthy trees in your area or just your backyard. Here are a few tips for tree maintenance in Dallas, TX:

  • Make sure that overgrown and excessively hanging branches are trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. Overgrown trees can cause a number of inconveniences depending on the place where the tree is located. The US Department of Agriculture expects homeowners to trim trees that are located besides sidewalks if they lack a clearance height of ten feet or they are obstructing road signs,
  • In a place where there are a lot of plants, there is a competition for resources like water sunlight and nutrients. In order to ensure all plants get their equal share, homeowners can use mulch to vitalize the soil and abundant amounts of water ensure healthy growth of all the plants and trees,
  • One important thing is not to overdo the maintenance. Too much water or nutrients, excessive trimming of branches and too much sunlight can have adverse impacts on the health of the trees. Contact a company that specializes in tree maintenance in Dallas, TX. They can send over professionals who can handle the work effectively and advise on the appropriate and specific care tips for your yard.

Why Trees Close to Your House Walls are a Bad Idea

An aspect of tree maintenance in Dallas, TX that requires special mention is the fact that trees should be planted away from house walls. There are a number of negative impacts that a tree can have if it planted too close to your house. As a tree grows, the roots can spread and weaken the foundations of your house. Constant rubbing of the trees against the walls and roof can also cause building materials to erode and fall off quickly. Broken branches can clog drains or fall and injure people. Moreover, rodents and pests can invade your roof and walls with support from the tree that might be growing too close to the walls.

Trees That Grow the Fastest

Having discussed some ways to care for your trees, we would now like to talk about a few types of trees that grow and variable speeds. Homeowners can choose respective types based on their preferences and requirements. A professional tree service in Dallas, TX can help arrange and care for them effectively.

  1. Nuttall Oak: Also known as red or pine oak, this is the fastest growing variety of oak tree available for your yard or garden. One drawback of this tree is that it grows acorns that attract deers, rodents and squirrels so if you’re not fond of animals, this type of tree is not recommended for you,
  2. Hybrid Poplar: This tree grows at an amazing rate of 8 feet per year and matures at about 50 feet in height. There are a number of varieties of Hybrid Poplar available for use in gardens but the most recommended is the Populus deltoides x Populus nigra varietybecauseit creates less mess than other types,
  3. Red Maple: The idealtree if you’re looking for shade and privacy in your yard. The red maple tree grows at about 3 to 5 feet every year and can reach a maximum height of 40 feet. An added benefit of this tree is that the leaves on it turn bright red in autumn before dropping.

Slowest Growing Trees

Now for some trees that grow slowly in case you don’t like to maintain them frequently or for some other reason you might want a garden that shows slow and steady growth.

  1. Crabapple: This is one of the most preferred small size trees for your garden. It adds a beautiful aura to the garden with its white, pink and red leaves as well as multi-colored fruits. The average length of the tree is between 6 – 30 feet,
  2. Redbud: Another tree that bears white and pink flowers that turn golden yellow in the fall. It is one of the varieties that are easiest to grow and maintain. It also provides a beautiful ambiance to the garden and reaches up to 30 feet in height.

For more information on tree maintenance in Dallas, TX, get in touch with S&P Tree Services today.