May 25, 2018

Things to Keep in Mind for Cutting down a Tree Safely | Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX

Staying safe at all times should be your first priority, be it in a stormy season, on a ride, or when taking down a tree. To keep oneself safe and protected from any kind of damage and injuries, safety gears are always available at shops and retail stores. These should be worn at all times when dealing with such issues.

Taking down a tree is not an easy task and requires the knowledge and handling skills of a professional who knows what is required and how to get things done in a safe and smooth manner. The expert tree removal service in Dallas, TX suggest and advise the use of right gears, tools, measuring and cutting techniques when handling such complex tasks.

In this blog, we have mentioned a few important things that you need to keep in mind if you plan on removing or getting removed a tree in your house or near your area.

Buy and Wear Right Safety Gear

You should always have the right safety gear at your disposal according to professional tree service in Dallas, TX when you are about to deal with the task of removing a tree. This is because when handling tools like chainsaws and axes, safety should be taken seriously. Some of the absolute necessary safety gear items that you need to wear when handling removal tools include the following:

  • Logger’s helmet – to protect you from falling branches as you are in the process of taking down the tree
  • Earmuffs – to protect you from the sound and wood pieces that blow while you are using a chainsaw.
  • Face screen – to protect your face and eyes from the wood pieces
  • Safety glasses – to prevent dust and small wood pieces from going into the eye
  • Leather or chainsaw gloves, Kevlar chaps – stops the chain immediately if you mistakenly drop the bar against your leg
  • Felling wedges – prevents the saw from getting pinched during a cut

Estimate the Zone in Which the Tree Might Fall

Trees are tall, thick, and large and require space to fall if they are being taken down. For them to fall at the place where you intend it to fall you should estimate beforehand till where the treetop will rest after falling. As per tree removal service in Dallas, TX, it is better to estimate some extra room for the tree as they are much taller than you’d expect.

One of the best technique according to tree service in Dallas, TX is to use the ‘ax handle trick’. You simply take the ax in your hand in a vertical position and place it at an arm’s length. Now keep moving backward or forward until the top tip of the axe is even with the tree top and lower tip with the base of the tree. The position at which you are standing is most probably the place at which the tree top is estimated to rest.

Clear the Surroundings

You might be a 100 percent sure where the tree might rest after falling but as a precautionary measure you should mark and clear two escape routes where you believe the tree would not fall. These two alternate escape routes should be approximately 45 degrees away from each other and from the felling direction.

Study the Tree Before Taking It Down

According to tree removal service in Dallas, TX it is necessary to study and size up your tree before you cut it down. This is because it is important to look for some signs which require prior attention to taking down the tree as they might cause damage while the tree is being taken down.

Following are some of the instances that signal that you shouldn’t cut down the tree if you see them and attend to them first.

–    Branches that are slightly broken, dead or supported by other branches but are still attached to the tree should be cut down first to avoid them from falling on you.

–    The tree is leaning in on one side with most of the branches on the side that is leaning, so despite your efforts, the tree would fall in that direction.

–    There are other obstacles like fences, buildings, and power lines in the way so it is better to call expert tree removal service in Dallas, TX to handle it professionally.

Plan the Proper Notch

Anatomy of a notch is essential to guide the tree to fall in the desired direction. As per tree service in Dallas, TX the rule of thumb that is followed everywhere while taking down a tree is to make depth of the notch one-fifth of the tree trunk’s diameter and the felling cut should meet the point of the notch which is called the hinge that helps the tree to fall in the desired direction.

The notch, according to tree service in Dallas, TX, should be made on the ‘fall’ side of the trunk and should be marked prior to cutting with the help of a chalk or by scoring the bark with a chainsaw.

The Bottom Line

A safely removed tree helps keeps the environment around it safe too. There are homeowners that believe that they can get remove a tree on their own, but it is highly advised to contact expert tree service in Dallas, TX to help you get done with the tree you want to be removed.

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