December 11, 2022

The Dos And Don’ts Of Tree Trimming Service | Fort Worth, TX

Periodic tree trimming is a necessary outdoor maintenance task. Of course, you don’t want to hire just any tree trimming service to perform work for you. It’s important to contract with a tree trimming service that’s licensed and insured. Tree trimming can be dangerous work–dangerous to tree cutters and crews as well as to property and any people or pets in the vicinity of trees being trimmed. S&P Tree Service is an experienced tree care company that specializes in tree trimming, tree removal, and tree care. We feature highly trained arborists who will help you maintain the health of your landscape’s trees. If you need tree trimming for your home or commercial property in Fort Worth, TX, you can rely on us.

The Dos of Tree Trimming

When you contact an experienced tree trimming service provider like S&P Tree Service, you can expect our technicians to handle all of the expected “dos.” We don’t cut corners, and we charge fair, upfront rates for our solutions. Our dos include:

Prepping Equipment

It’s essential to use the right equipment for the job. S&P Tree Service carefully maintains our tree trimming and other equipment to ensure it’s safe for proper use. We’ll bring all the equipment needed to perform our tree trimming service at your Fort Worth, TX property.

Checking for Pests and Tree Diseases

During our tree trimming service appointment, our arborists will inspect your tree for signs of poor health. The sooner a disease or pest problem is caught, the more likely we’ll be able to contend with the issue quickly and preserve your tree. In some cases, a diseased tree may require emergency tree removal before it can infect other landscape diseases. Fortunately, our arborists can provide you with the information you need to make your decision about whether to treat or remove your affected trees.

Prioritize Safety

When you work with our technicians, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that we will prioritize safety at every turn. From our careful inspection of the tree to checking our safety harnesses and cables, we’ll provide trimming services that are complemented by all necessary safety procedures. Our technicians never climb without optimum safety climbing gear.

Trim Properly

It’s important to trim trees with an eye to their health. Over-trimming just like poor pruning can affect the health and aesthetic appeal of your tree. Always leave your tree care to a licensed tree trimming service.

Trim Damaged Limbs

If your tree has limbs that have been damaged by a recent storm, they may need to come off. Our tree trimming pros can determine if damaged limbs should be removed. If left in place, damaged tree limbs can weaken. During a subsequent storm, they can become serious property risks. They may fall onto property and damage it or may even injure someone.


There are numerous don’ts associated with tree trimming. Here are just a few to keep in mind:

Don’t Trim Near Power Lines

If there are branches hanging near power lines, it’s best to contact the power company for their tree trimming service, especially if the tree is on public land. Our tree care experts can perform this type of sensitive work, but amateurs and property owners should not perform tree trimming near power lines. A fallen branch can knock out power and become a dangerous property risk.

Don’t Risk Property

If you have a tree that needs trimming but it’s too close to fencing, your home, or other structures, you shouldn’t trim your tree without professional assistance. A falling limb can do extensive damage to property. A trained tree trimming expert will know how to trim trees safely, reducing property risks.

Don’t Remove Too Much Foliage

It’s not a good idea to remove more than 25% of a tree’s foliage when trimming it during a single growing season. Of course, our trained arborists and tree care technicians understand this rule of thumb.

Don’t Hire an Amateur

It can be tempting to hire a contractor with a chainsaw and cheap pricing to perform some simple tree trimming service for you, but don’t. Hiring a non-professional for this type of potentially dangerous work is a liability. Rely on a professional tree care company to trim your trees.

Don’t Rely on Old-Fashioned Measures

Although traditional tree trimming methods are appropriate for some trees, they aren’t ideal for all trees. If you have a large tree that’s located in a hard-to-access area or an area that’s close to buildings, it’s helpful to use a crane. Cranes can be used for tree trimming or for removing trees. That can make this type of work safer and more efficient to perform.

Choose Professionals for Tree Trimming

When you hire our tree care company, you can expect us to follow all the necessary dos and don’ts for proper tree trimming. We have the experience to trim any type of tree. We’ll prioritize the health of your trees as well as safety throughout our service.

Do you need tree trimming service or tree removal service at your Fort Worth, TX residential or commercial property? Rely on S&P Tree Service for help. We have a reputation throughout the region for our expertise and safe service. You can trust our arborists to bring all the equipment needed to safely perform our services.

Don’t perform tree trimming on your own. Saws can be dangerous. Our tree-cutting technicians are highly trained and have years of experience. Let us trim and care for all the trees on your property. If you need tree removal service or stump grinding, you can also depend on S&P Tree Service. Contact us to learn more about our tree care solutions.

 Photo By DG-Studio at Shutterstock