April 07, 2017

The Superlative Guide on Tree Removal & Tree Trimming Services in Dallas TX

Have you wondered why the neighbor’s yard looks so magnificent? Well it is probably because your neighbors understand the true value of tree trimming and tree removal services in Dallas. These services are especially designed to accentuate the real beauty of your landscape; they are dedicated to help people in domestic settings keep their yards nice and tidy.

Like everything else in this world even trees require maintenance in the form of trimmings, without proper maintenance these trees will keep spreading with branches protruding from every direction. To some people this might be considered to be the natural beauty of trees, but to many these trees are spoiling the general ambience of the entire garden. Every tree you plant in your home contributes to the facet of your property, not only does it vibrate a raw beauty, but it also helps enhance the aesthetics of your property by a substantial margin.

What are tree trimming services?

Tree trimming services are offered in multiple types; however, there are four different types of tree trimming services, which are highlighted below.

  • Fine Pruning: This is the process of removing limbs and other small branches from the tree. Once removed the tree appears much more eye catching.
  • Standard Pruning: Standard pruning is only offered by reputable companies that have gained massive experience in their line of work. This includes fine pruning and regulating the branch structure of the tree.
  • Hazard trimming: This is the most prudent type of tree trimming services for people who have really old trees in their yards. With time, the thickness of each branch increases and this is a serious hazard, as they can fall down and cause substantial damage.
  • Crown Reduction Trimming: This is a very difficult process and requires a high degree of expertise, the crown or peak of the tree is trimmed by removing the major branches. These branches are removed without affecting the overall shape of the trees crown.

Can you trim your trees yourself?

Many people have the common misconception that they can cut costs by trimming their trees themselves, although to a certain extent this might be considered admirable but it can prove to be detrimental. Tree trimming should not be taken lightly; firstly, it is extremely dangerous as propping a ladder against a tree and cutting can be devastating. Not only can you harm yourself but anyone in the proximity as well. Besides this, these professionals have been doing this for ages and know exactly how to trim your trees to perfection. Each professional will be fully equipped with the appropriate tools and safety equipment to make sure that the job is completed effectively. They are also trained to take into account multiple factors including collateral damage; this means that they will make sure your landscape is not harmed in any way during the process. So those lovely rose beds your wife planted are safe and even if something does happen to them, you can easily blame the contractors. Rest assured, if you hire a company like Sptree services, you will not have to worry about collateral damage at all.

Why would you need tree removal services in Dallas?

At the same time, removing a tree from your yard should not be taken lightly as well. The underlining reason why people are forced to remove some trees from their homes is due to the fact that some trees become very dangerous. There have been so many cases in Dallas where the strong winds have caused old withering trees to fall down and cause substantial damage; many people have even lost their homes due to a tree that was weak down to its very core. Besides this, withering or old trees also have unstable branches that can fall at any time and cause considerable damage as well. This is exactly why you should inspect every tree present in your yard, or contact a tree removal service in Dallas to find out if any of your trees can tip over and fall.

Can you remove a tree yourself?

Please never make the mistake of trying to remove a tree yourself. What you have to realize is that a tree is a living organism and has to be treated with the respect it deserves. Firstly, you might cut the tree in a wrong direction, so it might tip over and fall over your house! Besides this, the tree could be in proximity of high voltage wires or could also easily fall and damage valuable property. Most importantly, removing a tree is dangerous and we would never recommend that a home owner take matters into his or her own hands.

How will a professional tree removal service operate?

Most of the tree removal services in Dallas TX have been around for ages and have required the knowledge required to remove a tree in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Firstly, these professionals will never uproot the entire tree; instead, a stump is left behind so that tree can grow back into its former self. These professionals generally will follow the steps given below,

  1. Will measure the width and height of the tree
  2. Will measure the trees lean and direction
  3. They will then plan the direction of the fall
  4. Will ensure that the fall zone is free of anything that could get damaged
  5. They will then tie the tree with a high end rope, a crew member holds that rope to help direct the fall of the tree
  6. The contractor will then cut a v shape on the side that tree is supposed to fall
  7. He or she will then cut another v shape on the other side
  8. The contractor then screams timber! And gets out of the fall zone

All of these steps highlighted above can only be done by trained professionals who have the required equipment and tools. So if you want to trim your trees at home or want a dangerous tree removed please consider hiring a respected company like SP Tree Service. We are considered to be the pioneers in our line of work and have all the tools in our arsenal to get the job done to perfection.