December 29, 2022

Signs You Need A Tree Trimming Service | Weatherford, TX

Maintaining a healthy growth rate and a visually pleasing landscape requires regular tree trimming. Nevertheless, some property and company owners may have trouble knowing when their trees need to be trimmed. This article discusses warning signs that you need a tree trimming service in Weatherford, TX.

10 Signs Tree Trimming Signs to Look Out For

Signs of Disease

Discoloration, early loss, and fungal development are the red flags to look out for. Powdery mildew on leaves indicates a disease that can spread to healthy trees if infected branches aren’t removed. An unhealthy tree can also pose a threat. The tree’s branches may weaken to the point of breaking off on their own.

An arborist will examine your tree to find the best course of action. They can treat it if it has any mild ailments. However, they will prune the tree if the disease is severe or if any branches are already dead.

Overextended or Droopy Branches

You’ve probably noticed that some of the branches on your trees are either too low to the ground or too far from the main stem. A walk around your property at night could be dangerous if there is a storm or not enough illumination. Before Mother Nature makes quick work of your tree limbs, it’s time to call in a professional tree trimming service.

The Tree Is Too Big

Trees take their time maturing, but there may come a time when yours is too big for the yard. This is one of the clearest indications that you need a tree trimming service. The roots might expand and weaken your home’s structure if this occurs.

Alternatively, the branches could begin touching the electrical wires above. The bark of your tree is easily damaged if its branches begin to cross over one another. It will not only lead to rot in those limbs but the entire tree.

Broken Branches

A tree trimming service is necessary if your tree has damaged branches due to ice and snow, high winds, or extra tree weight. Broken branches can create open sores that bugs and bacteria can use to invade and spread disease and rot the structure from the inside out. Moreover, broken branches can fall, which can be dangerous. To avoid potential danger, they must be removed promptly. Make sure you check on your trees frequently, especially after a storm.

Misshapen Trees

Your tree can be reshaped for healthy growth if it has an abnormal shape or is poorly structured. It is natural for trees to grow upwards toward the sun. They can grow outwards rather than vertically if planted in large, open spaces. Branches can grow too long and heavy, making them more susceptible to breaking in a storm or when covered in snow. Your home and family will be safer with regular trimming.

Double Stemmed Tree

When a tree develops two main trunks, the union between the two often becomes weak as the two leaders compete for control. This is a telltale indicator of a brittle and potentially unstable tree.

After a severe storm, it is not uncommon to see massive tree limbs lying on the ground, having broken off from the trunk. This indicates that the tree was not adequately pruned while it was young. A professional tree trimming service should evaluate your tree periodically as it develops to ensure that there is a single dominant leader.

Your Tree Is at Risk of Touching Power Lines

If any of your trees are getting close to the power lines, it’s time to call a professional in tree trimming service. The smallest of windstorms can do significant damage to trees, which in turn can cause lengthy power outages.

Take the initiative! A tree service is a good idea to avoid a power outage or other potential problems.

The Trees Are Blocking Your Line of Sight

A house’s landscaping has to be functional. And if you’re having trouble seeing oncoming traffic as you pull out of your driveway due to overgrown trees, a quick trim could do wonders. Don’t let low-hanging tree branches over your driveway or yard’s edge scrape your car or mowers before you do something about it.

Messy Yard

Overgrown trees and bushes are the surest sign of a neglected yard. The last thing you need is for the folks next door to start talking behind your back about you for all the wrong reasons.

Your home’s curb appeal can suffer if you let your trees grow unchecked. Furthermore, insects and other pests can utilize these trees as breeding sites, which could lead to problems inside and outside your home.

The Tree Is in Its Early Stages

While it’s true that older, more mature trees do benefit from annual trimming, younger trees can also benefit from a tree trimming service. To promote healthy development, tree trimming should begin in the tree’s second or third year. A healthy young tree should have a robust and prominent trunk and evenly spaced branches. When one side of a tree has a preponderance of trunks or heavy branches, it can compromise stability and endanger nearby structures. If you hire a tree service when a tree is still sapling, they can help to shape it into a robust and attractive tree that will last for years.

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