April 30, 2021

Signs That You Need Emergency Tree Service Soon | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By Peter Llewellyn at istock

Most homeowners take their trees for granted, assuming they will simply exist and provide very welcome shade at their homes. However, sometimes things can go wrong with trees that result in the need for emergency tree service. Trees can get diseased, fall when damaged by a storm, or simply drop for no apparent reason. There are a lot of reasons why you may need help from a tree service company, but some of the reasons are not as emergent as others. Unsure of whether you need emergency tree service or can wait a little bit to get help? Here are a few situations when you should call for immediate help and a few situations when you can’t wait to help settle your mind.

Signs You Need Immediate Help

Before delving into the subject deeper, there are certain situations that always call for emergency tree service. If a bad storm leaves one of your Fort Worth, TX trees damaged or leaning over your property or a neighbor then you need to call for help right away. People and property can be damaged if the tree suddenly drops or falls on someone. Even branches can be lethal when they drop from high heights. In addition, leaning or damaged trees can lead to power outages if they unexpectedly fall on power lines on their way down.

Sometimes trees will get uprooted during storms which will result in destabilizing their root structure. The root structure is key to keeping a tree in place, once it is uprooted the chances that it will fall increase greatly. Outside of the pending danger, uprooted trees can damage driveways and sidewalks given the extensive root structure that is disturbed. Older trees will have a much more extensive root structure that needs to be carefully assessed right away. Storm damage clearance services are experienced with handling trees that are uprooted and can help restore your property by removing the downed tree and all of its invasive roots.

These are just a few of the many dangerous scenarios that can occur when a tree is damaged, so never put off calling for help from a local emergency tree service following a bad storm. During the spring and summer months when tornadoes are at their highest, storm damage is very common and a trained arborist or tree trimmer can help alleviate the pending danger quickly for you.

Visibility Issues

Storms are not the only reason that you may need emergency tree service at your Fort Worth, TX home. Sometimes trees that grow unevenly create visibility issues. You may not notice the issue right away, but once you do it is something you want to take care of right away. Uneven growth from trees or bushes can impact the line of sight near your property. This can result in car accidents as drivers may not be able to see you coming out of your driveway, or you may be unable to see other drivers coming as you pull out of your driveway.

In addition, large bushes or trees can block drivers’ sightlines and obscure things like traffic lights and stop signs. This can lead to a lot of potential danger down the road. You don’t want to be responsible for accidents because you did not maintain your property. A quick call for an emergency tree service should take care of the problem and allow traffic to proceed safely down your road again. While it would be hard to press legal responsibility in the case of an accident, you still don’t want to feel personally responsible for anything that happened.

Sick or Diseased Trees

Believe it or not, you may have a sick or diseased tree in your Fort Worth, TX yard right now and not even know it. Most people are not familiar with tree diseases, but it pays to recognize when a tree gets sick because if you don’t take immediate action and call for emergency tree service the disease can spread to all of the rees in your yard. Suddenly instead of removing one tree or worrying about limbs and trees falling, you will have to worry about multiple trees. Quick action can save the rest of the trees on your property.

The problem with tree disease or pest infestation is that they spread quickly and almost always threaten the structural integrity of the trees that they affect. Some common signs of tree disease include uneven foliage, brittle branches, knotty roots, or discolored leaves. Some of these are harder to discern, but right now you can walk to your backyard and inspect your trees. Do they all have leaves? Do you notice that some areas of your tree branches are fully filled with leaves while others are empty? There are multiple things that can explain this, and they all require the help of a tree service.

In addition, while inspecting your trees look closely at the base and the surface for pests such as carpenter ants. If there is an abundance of insects on a tree then you need to call for emergency tree service right away. The goal would be to contain the pest infestation to one tree so that the tree can be treated and then removed if needed. This is much better than dealing with five or six neighboring trees that are also infested as the ants expand their radius.

The problem with diseased or aging trees is that they can collapse and fall at any time risking damage to property and people. You never know when a tree will weaken to the point that major branches break off or the entire trunk cracks in half. These things do happen, as any walk through a wooded area will tell you. You can prevent them from happening in your own yard with the help of an emergency tree service. If you suspect any of the above-mentioned problems, give S&P Tree Service a call.