November 07, 2016

Safety Tips For Removing A Tree

Removal of trees is not something you take lightly. It is a job that should be handled by professionals because it is dangerous and if not done precisely, a mistake of an inch can cause you damage of thousands of dollars. There are many that provide tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

Tree removal requires specific training and experience to be done right and safely. There is also the question of proper safety equipment and using the cutting and harness to safely bring down a tree without causing a whole in your roof.

How the job is to be done also depends on the size of the tree. If it is a small tree there might be a possibility that you can remove it on your own. In case the tree is climbable and has significant height, tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area should be sought.

Falling trees are a serious hazard and to keep from any property or physical damage, it is better to seek out professional help instead of trying out the shiny new chainsaw you got from the hardware store.

Here are some safety tips to safely bring down your tree:

·      Use The Chainsaw Carefully

Chainsaws are a powerful tool and have been known to take away inches off fingers and toes. Professionals of tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area know that when someone is handling a chainsaw, they need to be extremely attentive and rushing is never the option. Hurrying with power tools is never a good idea.

The only time a person should hurry is to get out of the path of a falling tree otherwise take your time and work with precision.

·      Consider Your Surroundings

All professional tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area survey the surroundings before deciding to bring down a large tree. There is a very good reason for this. You have to see if the area is suited to bring down a tree one way or the other.

Things to look at when bringing down a tree:

  • Power lines
  • People
  • Parked Vehicles

Observe everything in the falling radius of the tree and make sure it falls in the area where none of these is present or gets in the way of the fall. Tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area take extra care to bring down a tree by cutting it down in pieces and setting the pieces on the ground using harnesses and pulleys to avoid injuries and property damage in populated areas.

Also another thing that you have to make sure is that you have an escape route out of the path of the falling tree for yourself and others working on the removal. Make sure the escape route is not blocked by any tools or obstacles in the path. If you have second thoughts about doing this yourself, there are many tree removal services in Dallas and Fort Worth Area, don’t think twice about it.

·      Observe The Tree

Observing the tree is as important as observing the environment. The branches of the tree have weight which can make it lean in a specific direction and that can cause problems if not taken into account. The branches can also be entangled in the surroundings such as electrical wires and which will not only cause you to lose electricity, but can obstruct the fall and make the tree fall in a different direction possibly on cars or houses.

Tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area is available for people who are not very sure about cutting down their tree. Taking a risk this big is not recommended if you are absolutely sure that you can analyze the fall well, go for it otherwise do not.

·      Chain Saw Rules

There cannot be enough stress put on the fact that you should be extremely careful when handling a chainsaw. The blades should be well oiled and the length of the blade of your chainsaw must be at least the same size as the diameter of the tree trunk. You should check the fuel before going chopping because you do not want to get stuck in the middle of a critical point where you might have to run and find your precious chainsaw crushed under the huge tree trunk. Professionals from tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area always make sure they are wearing head and eye protection when operating a chain saw.

·      Directions To Follow For Larger Trunks

If a tree has a trunk that has a diameter of less than 6 inches, you can easily cut throughout without any problem. However, a diameter that is thicker than that requires special considerations to make it fall safely and giving you enough time to move out of the path of the fall.

Here are some steps that professionals offering tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area follow.

You need to start with an inclined angle at the side of the tree where you want it to fall. Cut half way through and then stop. This is your first notch. The second should continue in a 45 degree angle just before the end. This is your second notch.

Observe the movement of the trunk carefully and then give it a gentle push with wedges to make it fall in the direction of the cut.

·      Branches

Professionals in the field of tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area recommend to always observe the branches after the fall. There could be branches that can kick back once the tree trunk is lifted. Very carefully cut the branches with focused precision before you decide to haul the trunk.

These are some of the steps you can follow to make the tree you want to get rid of fall safely. If you are new to this and have never done this before, seeking out professional help is recommended. If you are someone who has had experience with this before, go ahead and cut away.