August 06, 2021

How Regular Tree Inspection Can Prevent An Emergency Tree Service Call | Fort Worth, TX

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As a homeowner in Fort Worth, TX there are a lot of tasks that you need to take care of on a regular basis. From daily tasks to yearly tasks in order to keep your home in proper working order, you need to schedule repairs and annual services on a lot of home appliances and systems. Just keeping up with your home can sometimes seem exhausting, but while checking off your list you may forget about a danger that is lurking in your backyard outside of your home. However, all it takes is one tree to fall and an emergency tree service crew to remind you that your yard needs attention too.

Far past making sure you mow and weed the flowerbeds of your home, you also need to make sure that you are getting regular tree service so that you don’t end up needing emergency tree service. While some emergencies cannot be avoided, there are some ways you can take care of your trees to minimize how much damage is left behind after a storm or another damaging event. Believe it or not, there are a lot of ways that regular tree inspection can help reduce your chances of needing tree service.

Annual Tree Inspections and Pruning

If you have a lot of trees in your backyard then it may not be a bad idea to consider an annual tree inspection and trimming to keep emergency tree service needs at bay. Like most things, one annual visit will almost always be less than an emergency tree appointment. Letting a professional arborist examine your trees will help keep disease at bay and alert you to any issues that arise like a tree that is dying so that you don’t find out when the tree comes crashing to the ground during hurricane weather.

During an annual tree inspection, an arborist will be looking for three different things in your backyard. They will be looking to see if there are any signs of disease near your trees if there are any signs of deadwood and if any trees need to be removed from your property because they are already showing signs of dying out. All three of these things are very important, but if proactively done will save you a lot of the damage that is normally associated with emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX.

Signs of Disease

The first thing that the arborist will be looking for while inspecting your backyard is signs of disease that may indicate that your trees are weakening or are sick. There are certain signs like fungi growing near the base of a tree or odd bark that can indicate disease. A trained tree professional will know how to spot the signs, and this is very important because if not properly treated the tree will die. Even worse, the disease can spread through all of the trees in your yard resulting in a much higher likelihood that a tree will fall at some point requiring emergency tree service.

If tree disease is found, the arborist can recommend the proper course of action, which will heavily depend on what they find. Sometimes you can treat the disease and save an inflicted tree, other times the disease has spread too heavily and the safest thing you can do is remove the tree to prevent further spread. While a tree can appear healthy to the untrained eye for quite some time, leaving it in your yard will be a big danger since it will start to die from the inside out. What may look like a full tree may just be a hollow shell which increases the chance of falling and further destruction. This makes it more likely a strong hurricane wind will take it out in your Fort Worth, TX leaving you with emergency tree service that is much more costly than if you just removed it.

Signs of Deadwood

The second thing that an arborist will be looking at when they inspect your yard is any signs of deadwood. Essentially this refers to dead limbs and/or trees that are buried under living trees. It can be hard to spot deadwood if you have an untrained eye, but if you have never had your trees trimmed there is a very good chance that you have deadwood in them. The problem with leaving deadwood in a tree is that it will eventually fall, and when it does you have no control over when or where it falls. When you hire a tree company to remove the deadwood you can ensure it doesn’t hit any property on the way down.

Deadwood does not mean that a tree is dead, but it does mean that certain limbs are. It can be small or large limbs capable of causing severe injury to people and property. Even small limbs can be dangerous since the height they fall from is so large. If you want to avoid emergency tree service it is very important that you can have deadwood removed from your trees every couple of years. A trained arborist can usually estimate how often should you have someone out to look at your trees based on what they find.

Remove Dead Trees

Finally, the arborist will be looking for dead trees that may be hiding among live ones, which is actually fairly common. Removing these to prevent dangerous falls and property damage is very expensive. It is in your best interests to hear their suggestions to avoid emergency tree service in the future. If you think that you have an issue with the trees in your yard or have never had a professional look at them, give S&P Tree Service a call and we can send someone out to take a look or schedule emergency tree service if necessary.