May 09, 2022

Professional Crane Tree Removal Service In The DFW Area | Dallas, TX

To many who have never required or even seen how a professional tree removal service works, the only things needed to remove a tree are a chainsaw and sometimes a ladder, but nothing is farther from the truth. Professional tree removal requires different types of equipment and tools, and, in some cases even the use of vehicles and machinery. These last items, especially cranes, are what is needed when you are looking to remove very large trees in the most efficient and safe manner. By now you may be wondering how a crane can help with tree removal. Let’s get to the subject matter of this article and into the details about how a crane tree removal service actually works.

How can a crane assist a tree removing company?

Cranes are usually present when a large tree is being pruned or removed. Their job is to help the people who do the actual work on the tree reach areas that wouldn’t be accessible with a ladder alone, among other tasks which are mentioned below:

  • Reaching the topmost areas of taller trees
  • Helping workers reach areas that aren’t accessible from the ground
  • Keep workers safe while they perform the work
  • Lowering the amount of time it would normally take to remove the tree.
  • And much more!

Now that you know how useful a crane can be for a crane tree removal service, don’t be surprised the next time you see one near your property during scheduled tree work.

How is a crane tree removal service performed?

One of the first things that must be noted is that a tree crane is different from the ones used in construction in several ways, the most important of which is that tree cranes are usually affixed to large trucks and are not stationary like the ones used in construction work.

For a crane tree removal service to start, the crane must first be stabilized and leveled by using outriggers. Stabilizing the crane is probably the most important task that must be performed prior to starting any work on the tree. The time needed to stabilize the crane will depend on a few different factors, including the slope and the softness of the ground, and also the size of the tree that will be removed. But once it’s done, the tree removal team can start working on a plan to remove the tree in the safest and most efficient way. After this, they can start the actual work of cutting the tree.

As the branches and sections of the tree are removed, the workers on the ground are charged with cutting the wood into more manageable sections as well as putting any leftover branches into the wood chipper. This is done until the tree has been completely removed. When a large tree is only in need of pruning instead of complete removal, a crane tree removal service in Dallas, TX will use a similar process to the one we have already described but only remove small sections of the tree.

How can a crane ensure safety during tree removal?

In some cases, removing a healthy and sturdy tree will involve one person climbing to the top of it and removing the parts that need clearing. But, the large majority of cases involve very large trees that are too damaged by diseases, rot, or insects. Because of how weak or unstable these trees have become they are not safe enough for a tree worker to climb them to do the necessary work because they might fall during the process.

When this happens, the best way to remove the tree is to use a crane, and while not many tree companies are willing to take the risk of removing dangerous trees, at S&P Tree Service we have the experience and training required for these types of jobs. Crane tree removal service requires investing in training and the time necessary to acquire the experience, but if anything is certain is that it is a safer way to remove large trees without affecting your property, your home, and your family.

How efficient is a crane tree removal service?

Tree removal is a job that requires patience and time, but can also be dangerous, which is why using a crane can make the entire job more efficient and safe. Those who have never seen a crane tree removal service will wonder why so much time is invested in stabilizing and leveling the crane as well as the team planning how the tree will be removed, but the truth of the matter is that there’s a reason for this. While the removal itself is very quick, it is essential for all team members to know exactly what part they will play and what tasks they will perform during the entire procedure even before the actual work on the tree can start.

As the removal of the tree is performed all team members are in constant communication, especially the person that is at the top of the tree removing the branches and the operator of the crane. There are several ways in which this communication takes place, including signals and two-way radios. Important information, such as the size and weight of the section and when the preparation for its removal is continually exchanged between them, which helps make the entire removal process more efficient and quicker.

It is important to note that tree cranes aren’t only used for tree crane removal service in Dallas, TX and are also necessary when replanting a large, more mature tree. Because of the combined weight and size of a mature tree, a tree crane is needed to lift, move, and replant a larger tree. It also supports the tree while the landscapers and arborists finish planting the new tree. This is another important function of cranes in jobs that involve tree work.

Crane tree removal service in Dallas

When you have a large tree that needs removal, the best way to get the job done in Dallas, TX is to call S&P Tree Service. We will be happy to assess the specific situation and let you know the best way to get the job done. So don’t hesitate and give us a call today!

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