December 09, 2020

Need Emergency Tree Service? Signs You Need To Remove Your Tree | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By anupan001 at istock

No home owner ever wants to get rid of a tree from their yard, especially if the tree was one of their favorites at their Fort Worth, TX home. But when a tree starts showing signs of decay or disease, emergency tree service is sometimes the only answer. When a tree does start showing signs of a problem, it’s important to recognize them so that you can remove the tree safely and prevent damage to your house or the rest of your property. Here are a few key signs that your tree doesn’t have long to live and you need to consider tree service before it’s too late.

Mushrooms Near the Roots

Mushrooms are well known as decomposers, which means that they get their nutrients by consuming what’s already dead and eliminating it from the habitat. Logically, if mushrooms are getting enough nutrients to thrive near the base of your tree, that says that either something is dead around your tree’s roots, or your tree is already in the process of dying.

In either case, mushrooms in your yard is a sign that something isn’t quite right. At best, there might be something around your tree that these fungi are feeding off of, but the only way to know for sure is to call a tree expert and get their opinion. At least by doing that, if you do need emergency tree service, you’ll have the right team already there to help you.

Leaning in the Wrong Direction

It’s usually a bad sign when a tree starts to lean, but some trees can live long and healthy lives even if they are starting to lean. As long as they lean away from buildings, vehicles and power lines, it’s not a problem if a tree starts leaning.

But when a tree is in position to cause serious damage to your home or the homes of your neighbors, it’s time to consider emergency tree service before it’s too late. The reality is, a leaning tree could end up going at any point in time, and if something important is in its path, it’s going to constantly be at risk until you either remove the tree or it ends up falling and causing serious damage.

The reality is, the risk is too great for you to leave a tree alone if there’s a chance that it could damage property or injure someone. As soon as the tree starts leaning toward something that it could fall on, it’s time to call for emergency tree service.

Large, Dead Branches

This does NOT mean branches that have lost their leaves in the fall and winter. That’s a normal part of a tree’s annual life cycle. But when spring comes around, if you see several branches with no leaves and no signs of leaves, your tree is likely diseased at best and dying at worst.

If you do spot your tree not sprouting any leaves, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s dying. However, it does mean that you need emergency tree service at your Fort Worth, TX home immediately, because removing some of those branches could save the rest of the tree. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to make a mistake when pruning your tree, and if you do make a mistake, you could end up doing more damage to the tree than the disease itself did.

It’s best to call for an expert tree care team in this case, because if they get there early enough, they can keep the tree from dying of disease and keep it standing upright. It’s always better to save an existing tree rather than bring it down because you have no other option!

A Hollow Trunk

The trunk is what keeps the tree healthy and upright, so if the wood of the trunk is having problems, the tree is not going to last for much longer. In that case, you need to call for emergency tree service to remove the tree before it falls on its own. If more than a third of the trunk has rotted away, nothing is going to save the tree, and it must come down.

It’s also in your best interest to remove a tree with rotting wood as soon as you can, because rotting wood can attract pests, most notably termites. Termites love to eat rotting wood, and if they find a source in one of your trees, that puts them in prime position to strike at your home and cause serious damage to your structure. During the winter, termites will try to get to a warm place, and if they’re right outside your home, that’ll be their first target. Using emergency tree service at your home to remove a tree might not be enjoyable, but it’s a lot better than having to call pest control services as well.

Cracked or Missing Bark

Here’s something you should know about trees: they won’t ever die of old age. When they do die, it’s because of disease or a necessary removal. That means signs of their lack of health will present themselves, and one obvious one is cracked or missing bark. Bark helps a tree conserve water and protect it from insects and other dangers, so if a tree isn’t growing bark properly, there’s a sign something is wrong.

Like with dead branches, there’s a chance that you could save the tree with emergency tree service if you can remove enough diseased portions. However, that depends on where the missing bark is. If it’s on the trunk, removal is likely inevitable.

At S&P Tree Service, we’ll do everything we can to protect trees when we can and safely remove them when nothing can save them. If you’re in need of emergency tree service at your home because a tree is diseased, dying or growing in the wrong spot, just give us a call! We’ll make sure the tree gets removed safely so damage to the home is prevented!