June 09, 2017

More than 4 Reasons Why You Should Prune and Trim Trees

Owning and maintaining a garden comes with great responsibilities. You have to be vigilant and careful about every single plant, shrub, and tree that grows in your front and/or backyard – you don’t want them infested with diseases, dying out of inadequate care, or worse posing any sorts of danger to the people, power lines, and buildings nearby.

This is especially true in the case of trees. You can’t just plant a tree and let it grow wild. Over time, tree branches die or they spread out too much – both cases put people and buildings around them at risk of damage – this is why pruning and trimming your trees is important.

Why else do you think there is a proliferation of professional tree trimming services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other cities in Texas?

But it’s not just about curbing danger. Trimming and pruning trees is important for several other reasons. Let’s take a look at them:

The Growth & Structure

When you trim and prune your trees on a regular basis, you pretty much influence the way they grow. The acts of pruning and trimming give you the power to control the configuration of branches and limbs required for the structural veracity of the tree. Ensuring the tree has a proper, robust structure can help alleviate the possible risks of falling branches and broken limbs. A properly trimmed and pruned tree will always be balanced, without any improper weight distribution. It will be able to hold its ground better and stand tall, with little or no worries of impending disasters. The plus point is that the improved tree structure makes it look good too!

Pest Control

Insects and pests are common when you’ve got trees in your front and/or backyard and managing them can be a pain. If not controlled, these insects can pose a serious concern for your property or your family. Some insects like the tent worm, live in colonies. They nest in the trees and chomp off all the foliage surrounding their nests. While most pests and insects don’t actually kill the trees, they do weaken and damage them from the inside. However, things are different when you ensure that all your trees get timely trimmed and pruned. The act simply limits these pests and insects from growing into nearby plants and properties – saving you from the long haul of pest control.


We obviously mentioned safety as one of the main reasons in the very first paragraph of this article. You obviously don’t want to be dragged to the court just because a dead branch from your tree fell down on a pedestrian and hurt them. You could even end up at the hospital if a family member was in a similar situation. Bottom line is, diseased and dead branches can be hazardous – for everyone. They fall off too easily. By pruning and trimming your trees on time, you can make sure that your property is safe for everyone in and around it.

If you see any dead and/or damaged branches in your trees, call us for emergency tree service in Dallas and Fort Worth area today!


While it is important to trim and prune trees, one should be careful not to chop off too much of it. Trees are primary elements of good aesthetics when it comes to your gardens and landscapes (if any). Experts like us normally stick to pruning off not more than one fourth of the tree at a time. There are two reasons for that: one, it keeps your tree healthy and two, it makes sure your trees look pretty without posing any danger to things around it.

To Prune or Not to Prune

While we’re at it, let’s not limit ourselves to the most obvious benefits of pruning and trimming trees. There are several other benefits of the process that may not be outwardly obvious but are still worth acknowledging.

  • Pruning helps increase the air flow through the tree canopy, allowing it to reach foliage even in the densest part of the trees. This prevents any leaf diseases that the tree may be prone to.
  • If your tree is located on a sidewalk, too near to the house, or at a place where it is causing potential hindrances in traffic; pruning can be just the solution you need. Cutting off low hanging, dead, or run away branches can allow people to move freely around the tree.
  • When trees grow too big, their shade gets bigger too. Excess shade blocks sunlight and can often lead to impeded growth of shrubbery and grass that you plant around the tree. Pruning them allows the sunlight to reach the earthlings too.
  • Sometimes, when the trees grow big, they tend to block important views. This could be the view outside your window or the street sign that guides drivers. Pruning ensures what should be seen is clearly visible for everyone to see, without the need to cut down the tree.

Do you need more reasons to get the trimming and pruning of your trees done in due time?

The Right Time to Prune Trees

Ideally, the best time to prune your trees is the period between late fall and end of winter – that is the dormant season. There are obviously exceptions to that, like emergency branch removal where trees are at the risk of greater damage – call 469-789-6775 for prompt emergency tree services in Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Pruning in the dormant season ensures there is no substantial damage done to the overall health of your trees. Different trees require different approaches and precise timings for proper pruning. Nobody understands that better than tree maintenance experts.

To make sure the trees and gardens of your homes in Dallas and Fort Worth region remain in good shape, you need regular tree maintenance. Get in touch with us for professional tree services in Dallas and Fort Worth area – there is no better way to ensure properly maintained trees!

Whether it’s tree trimming, pruning or removal, we at S & P Tree Service have got you covered!