September 03, 2021

Why You Might Need Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By Alberto Masnovo at Shutterstock

Trees play an important role in our ecosystem, and therefore, having them on your property can have many benefits. For instance, they can make your property look more attractive and even provide you with privacy. They can also provide shade and keep your home cool. However, for trees to serve their purpose properly, they need the services of a professional tree care expert from time to time. In some cases, these services might even be needed urgently. This is because there are several tree problems that have to be solved as soon as they have been spotted. Here are some of the reasons you might need to seek the attention of a professional emergency tree service provider, such as S&P Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX.

Your Tree Damaged by a Storm

Although healthy trees are generally strong and stable, they are not necessarily immune to storm damages. Therefore, even if your trees look fine, they can take quite a beating during the storm season. In some cases, a storm can leave some branches broken and hanging dangerously. In other cases, a tree might be left-leaning dangerously or even fallen. All these situations call for the attention of a professional tree service provider. Depending on the nature of the damage, a professional can either get rid of the broken branches or remove the tree completely. But whatever the right solution might be, you can count on your emergency tree service provider to guide you and get the job done safely, efficiently, and promptly.

A Tree Weakened by a Disease

If your trees don’t get regularly checked by an arborist, they can get attacked by diseases that could weaken them without your knowledge. In some cases, a tree might look strong and healthy on the outside when the inside is dying. Some of the signs of a tree weakened by a disease include a hollowed trunk, dead or dying branches, missing bark, or cavities on the trunk. A weakened tree can fall and cause serious damages and accidents on your property. Its branches might also be blown away by the wind, and you never know where they might land. Therefore, once you have noticed any sign of tree disease on your property, you need to call an emergency tree service provider in Fort Worth, TX as soon as possible. The experts will assess the extent of the disease and the level of risk it poses to determine the most appropriate solution to apply.

A Tree too Close to the Powerlines

As your tree grows, its branches can get dangerously close to the power lines. In some cases, the space needed between a tree and power lines might be larger than you think. Unfortunately, when it rains the wet tree foliage can cause electricity to arc even when the tree is 10 feet away. If such a tree is not trimmed immediately, it can cause a power outage in your home and neighborhood or even lead to serious property damages. However, you need to remember that trimming trees close to powerlines on your own can be extremely dangerous. For instance, in addition to the risk of falling or getting hurt in another way, trying to trim a tree near a powerline on your own can potentially expose you to the risk of getting electrocuted. Therefore, if you have a tree that seems to be too close to the power lines, you need to call an emergency tree service provider sooner rather than later.

Dead Branches

Dead tree branches can pose serious safety concerns on your property. For instance, when there is a storm, they can break off and land on your roof, causing serious damages to your property. Besides, if the dead branches are not removed promptly, they can spread the pathogens that killed them to other parts of the tree or even to other plants on your property. Unfortunately, trying to get rid of the dead branches can put you and your family at the risk of sustaining serious injuries. Therefore, if your trees have some dead branches, you need to seek the immediate attention of a reliable emergency tree service provider to ensure that the dead branches are pruned promptly to make your home safer.

Weakened Roots

In addition to ensuring that a tree is properly nourished, roots help with keeping it stable. Therefore, if the roots are showing any signs of weakening, the stability of your tree might be compromised, and you need to ensure that it is removed before it can cause a disaster on your property. However, tree removal is not something you can do on your own. Therefore, if the exposed roots seem to be rotting or weakening for some other reason, you need to find a reliable emergency tree service provider, such as S&P Tree Service, to ensure that the tree is removed safely. These experts will also get you the necessary permits, if necessary, to ensure that the job is done legally.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that the importance of being in touch with professional emergency tree service providers cannot be overemphasized. This is because the trees on your property can develop problems that may call for urgent solutions, and in most cases, implementing these solutions on your own can pose serious safety concerns. If you are looking for a reliable emergency tree service provider in or around Fort Worth, TX, S&P Tree Service is an excellent choice. We have been in the industry for many years, and we have the necessary expertise and equipment to help you deal with any emergency tree issues on your property. Over the years, we have swiftly responded to dozens of emergency tree issues, and our reputation is unparalleled. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and emergency tree service.