October 04, 2022

Is Crane Tree Removal Service The Best Option For Tree Felling? | Fort Worth, TX

If you need to take down a tree on your home or business property in Fort Worth, TX, you may be wondering if crane tree removal service is the ideal method. Removing trees with the help of a crane is often the safest way to remove large trees in busy neighborhoods. S&P Tree Services offers experienced crane tree removal service for property owners. Although we may use other techniques to take down trees, crane tree removal service is frequently the right option when it comes to tree felling.

What Are the Benefits of Removing Trees with a Crane?

Tree care and removal companies like S&P Tree Service use special cranes that are ideally suited for tree removal. One of the chief benefits of crane tree removal service is its safety. Removing a tree with the use of a crane reduces some of the danger that’s inherent in taking down a large tree. In some cases, it might be impossible to remove a tree without substantial safety risks unless a crane is used. Large tree limbs can fall onto the property. The tree itself can fall and destroy property or injure someone.

Removing a tree with the assistance of a crane is also efficient. The removal process is a deliberately step-by-step process. Crews remove one section at a time until the entire tree is cut away. Of course, crane tree removal service takes time, but it’s often a more efficient process than more traditional methods.

Using a crane to safely remove trees is frequently less destructive to property. Before we arrive without a crane, our technicians visit the property in order to develop the best plan for removing the tree. We prioritize safety but we also strive to impact the landscape as little as possible. We do need to set up our crane in a flat area, but we do our utmost to protect our clients’ landscapes throughout our crane tree removal process.

Improved access is another benefit of using cranes to remove trees. It’s not always easy to remove a hard to access tree. A crane allows our crews to more easily complete the removal. It’s able to lift our climber into place even when the access point is quite narrow.

When Is Tree Removal with a Crane the Preferred Method?

There are many reasons to remove a tree. Using a crane is often the ideal removal method in situations such as:

  • Tree is dead or dying
  • Tree is very large
  • Tree is situated near power lines
  • Tree is in a confined or hard-to-access location
  • Tree has sustained storm damage

If you want a tree removed from your Fort Worth, TX, property, you can call our company to visit and inspect the tree. We’ll consider the project and recommend the best tree removal method.

Are There Times When Crane Tree Removal Is Not the Best Method?

There are times when our arborists and technicians recommend a method other than crane removal. If the tree is small, a crane may simply not be necessary. Also, a highly unstable tree might be too unsafe for a climber to work on it. During crane removals, a climber works on the tree, cutting away sections that the crane removes. If the tree is leaning or is at high risk of falling, it may be too unsafe for crews to work on using a crane. If this is the case, we can recommend an alternative plan for removing the tree as safely as possible.

How Does Crane Tree Removal Service Work?

When you contact S&P Tree Service for a tree removal, we visit your property to examine the tree and your landscape. We need to find a safe, flat space to set up our crane. The crane must be level in order to operate safely. We’ll also determine if your tree is a good candidate for crane removal or if a more traditional felling option is best. Our crane tree removal service technicians are highly experienced. We’ll carefully inspect the situation and then make the best plan for safely removing your tree. Part of our plan includes where to set up the crane as well as where to locate the drop zone for each section of the tree that our crane removes.

On the day of the removal, we’ll provide the crews and all the equipment needed for your crane tree removal service. The first thing we do when we arrive is to set up the crane. This takes about 30 minutes. We take time, however, to make sure our crane is level and located in the ideal place for your tree’s removal. We go over our plan together and re-examine the tree to ensure its condition is unchanged.

Once we’re confident that our plan is as it should be, we’ll get to work. Our crane operator and climber/cutter work as a team while our other crew members prepare to work in the drop zone area. The crane will lift our climber into place so that the first section near the tree top can be cut away. The cutter tethers each section to be cut to the crane, which then lifts each piece after the cuts are made to remove it.

Removing the tree piecemeal is a gradual but efficient process. As each piece is lifted and placed in the drop zone, our crews get to work cutting it down to size. Branches may be fed into a wood chipping and other pieces will be placed in a truck to be hauled away if you choose.

S&P Tree Service specializes in crane tree removal service. If you live or own a commercial property in Fort Worth, TX, and need to have a tree removed, contact us for our tree removal solutions. We also offer tree care solutions for area customers too.

Photo By Rigucci at Shutterstock