July 30, 2019

Infested Trees? Learn the Most Common Causes | Tree Removal Service in Fort Worth, TX

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Have you recently noticed that the trees on your property have lost their luster and seem unhealthy? Most homeowners see the signs and since they aren’t always experts, they fail to recognize the signs of disease and infestation. For the professionals in the field, the signs are quite clear and with the resources they have; it’s easier to deal with the problems. Most people fail to see the early signs and in the end, they have to opt for tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, to get rid of the infested or dying tree. If you are an avid gardener or just love the serenity that your lawn provides, this is just the blog for you.

It’s true that trees have an amazing ability to withstand all types of weather. However, they are not invincible and with time, they might succumb to some elements of nature. These elements are what eventually cause the death of a tree. So if you have noticed any changes in the trees on your property, they might be in need of help. You can get the help of tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, to determine the root cause and if the need arises, get the tree removed.

Once you read about the factors that adversely affect the trees and cause them to die, you will be more aware of your surroundings and will lookout for the signs. So let’s get started and explore some of the most common causes of tree deaths!

·     Root Rot

The nature of the soil used to plant trees has a huge impact on their health and mortality. Root rot is one of the major causes of death in trees, but the ratio of death is higher in trees that have been planted in clay rich soil. Since the soil is rich in moisture, it can harm the tree roots in the long run. With an excessive amount of water available in the soil, there’s not much space to store oxygen. With time, the roots can get deprived of oxygen and gradually suffocate. In such cases, you’ll need to contact a quality tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX.

With the tree not getting an adequate amount of oxygen, the tree slowly starts to show signs of wilting. If you are worried about the trees on your property and suspect that root rot is to blame, look out for the common signs. If you observe that the limbs are deteriorating steadily or leaves are turning brown, root rot might be a possible cause. So don’t waste any time and opt for the best tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX.

·     Disease

Trees are also susceptible to common diseases that affect the species. With over 20 tree diseases commonly found in the U.S., it can often be difficult to detect the specific disease that a tree has contracted. Tree diseases are spread around by insects, spores or fungus so you need to be extremely vigilant to notice the signs beforehand. As mentioned, the signs are quite difficult to detect but you can look out for some specific symptoms to help you with a positive diagnosis.

Look for diseased bark, roots and leaves. Simple issues such as leaf discoloration or spots can be the early signs of disease. Services providers like tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, are better equipped at recognizing the signs of decay and taking the necessary steps to ensure that the conditions don’t spread in your garden.

·     Old Age

There are certain trees that have a longer life span as compared to the other trees. Some trees go through a slow dying process, and so it might take them years to finally succumb to old age. The best option is to contact a tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, and ask them to assess the damage.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact signs; however, if you notice symptoms such as drooping branches and wilting leaves, then the tree is probably dying. Such trees can be dangerous since they might fall over any time and cause severe damages. Even the falling branches are a safety hazard for everyone around. The best way to deal with a dying tree is to opt for a tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, and get the tree removed before it can cause any serious damage.

·     Extreme Weather

Severe changes in the weather are one of the major causes of tree deaths. Unless they are able to adapt to the changing environment, trees can become sick and eventually succumb to the environmental causes. Whether it’s air pollution or temperature changes, the environment plays an important role in the health of trees. If you live in a place that experiences extreme climate, make sure you plant trees that can withstand the weather changes. However, if your trees can’t cope with the changes and have started dying, do contact a quality tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, so that the job can be done safely.


These were a few causes of infested and dying trees that you need to be aware of. The information will help you determine what action to take and how to identify the root cause of tree infestation on your property. Unless you are an expert, it’ll be difficult for you to make the correct diagnosis. So to be on the safe side, make sure you opt for quality tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, when the need arises.

With S & P Tree Service to help you along the way, you will never have to worry about searching for the best tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX. Take a step to safeguard your garden and with the right measures in place, you can easily stop the possibility of disease. Get in touch with us today and feel free to visit our website for more information.