September 22, 2022

How You Know If A Tree Is Dead & In Need Of Crane Tree Removal Service | Weatherford, TX

When it comes to most landscape plants, it’s often easy to tell if a plant is dead because it withers away quickly. A dead tree is withering away too, but the process of tree deterioration is slow and unpredictable. Since a dead tree is a property liability that often requires crane tree removal service, it’s extremely helpful to know whether or not a tree on your property is dead, dying, or in a sufficient state of health that it can still be saved.

S&P Tree Service features crane tree removal and other tree care services for Weatherford, TX, and surrounding areas. Our staff includes certified arborists who perform tree preservation services for property owners; they can help you determine your tree’s condition. When visiting your property to inspect a tree, they will look for telltale signs that indicate that your tree is dead or is likely to. Some of these signs include the following:

Bare Branches

If trees that are normally covered in foliage become bare, there’s a possibility that the tree has died or is very ill. During spring and summer, your trees should feature healthy foliage. If the branches are bare, it’s a serious problem and could be the first sign that your tree has died and you need crane tree removal service. If the tree has foliage on one side or several areas are bare, it’s probably suffering from a disease. Unfortunately, a diseased tree that can’t be saved is a property liability too. When half the tree is affected by disease, it leaves the tree vulnerable to falling over during a heavy storm or strong winds as they blow across your Weatherford, TX, property.

Presence of Fungus

If you note fungus growing on your tree, especially the tree trunk, it may be dead. Fungus is a strong sign that the tree is no longer living as fungus is a sign of decay. A healthy, living tree won’t exhibit signs of rot. If you have a tree that’s teeming with fungus, you should contact S&P Tree Service for crane tree removal service. After removing the tree, we can also perform stump grinding or the fungus will continue to impact the remaining tree parts and detract from the health and wellbeing of your landscape.

Vertical Trunk Cracks

Vertical cracks in a tree’s trunk are a bad sign. This indicates that the tree is dead or is likely dying. Cracks can allow tree diseases and pests to infiltrate the tree. The stress that the cracks cause the tree can also leave it vulnerable to toppling over in a storm. When you contact S&P Tree Service, we can send an experienced arborist to your home to inspect your tree’s cracks. We can recommend if crane tree removal service or a preservation method is the best course.

Extreme Visible Damage

Sometimes it’s obvious that a tree is dead. For instance, if it was struck by lightning and severely damaged, it may be easy for property owners to tell. In such cases, storm damaged trees often require crane tree removal. Of course, if you aren’t certain, it’s best to consult with our arborists. Sometimes only some limbs have been damaged in a storm. It may be possible to preserve storm-damaged trees, but it’s a good idea to get our expert advice on the matter.

Why Should You Remove a Dead Tree?

There are various reasons why you should call our tree care company for crane tree removal service if your tree is dead. In some cases, especially if the dead tree is leaning, you may even need emergency crane tree removal. A dead tree should be removed because:

It’s a Threat to People and Pets

A dead tree is extremely vulnerable. Not only can the entire tree fall over, its limbs and branches will certainly begin to break off and fall down. When they fall, they can injure someone or worse. A dead tree is deteriorating, so the limbs will eventually decay and fall too, but when? The decay process can be speeded up by storms. Heavy rains and winds can cause the limbs and the tree itself to fall. As soon as you line up crane tree removal service, you can eliminate this property risk.

Property Threat

Just as a falling tree and limbs are dangerous for people and animals, they’re also a serious threat to your property. Falling trees can fall through rooftops of homes. They can crush cars and sheds. With crane tree removal service, you don’t have to worry about the dead tree’s likelihood of toppling over. By removing it, you can safeguard your property.

Eliminate Pests

Dead trees tend to be a haven for pests, and most people don’t want tree pests–small critters and insects anywhere near their home. Dead trees can attract carpenter ants and termites as well as rodents. If the tree is infested with disease-carrying insects, the insects can roam to other trees and carry the contagion with them. The sooner you contact us for professional crane tree removal service, the sooner you can prevent pest infestations.

If you determine that your tree has died and you want to schedule crane tree removal service at your Weatherford, TX, property, call S&P Tree Service. We’re well known all over the region for our expertise and experience. Our technicians can visit your property to assess the removal job. On the day of the removal, our crews will arrive with all the equipment needed to safely remove your dead tree. You can also rely on us to haul the dead tree away and perform stump grinding if you choose. Contact us if you need an expert tree evaluation. Our arborists can visit your home right away to discuss your tree’s health.

Photo By sirtravelalot at Shutterstock