December 25, 2022

How Important Is Professional Tree Removal Service? | Aledo, TX

Healthy trees contribute to your landscaping in more ways than one. They significantly increase the beauty of your property. In fact, properly cared for and trimmed trees can increase the resale value of your property by quite a bit. A professional tree removal service can help you with your trees.

Sadly, a lot of homeowners wind up with trees that actually endanger their homes. If you’re not attentive, tree damage could require expensive home repairs in Aledo, TX. But if you know what to look out for, it’s easy to avoid.

To help you maintain the health of your trees and your home, here are some of the most frequent tree-related problems that homeowners encounter. If any of these occur, you may need a tree removal service.

Limbs That Fall Can Damage Roofs

During storms, limbs on trees close to your structure can fall directly onto the roof. At a minimum, this can cause harm to the roofing shingles and other components of the roofing system that protect your home. In the worst-case scenario, they might compromise the roof’s support system itself.

Roof damage increases the possibility of water damage, mold, and mildew growth in your home and necessitates time-consuming and costly roof repairs.

The best thing you can do is to maintain well-manicured trees. Your tree removal service will be able to cut away dangerous branches without endangering the tree’s overall health.

Trees Can Attract Pests

Pests and insects love to nest in trees. Sick trees attract even larger numbers of pests, increasing the risk of infestation in your home itself.

Pests are likely to remain contained to the trees themselves if your property’s trees are healthy and disease-free. However, you run the risk of insect and pest infestations throughout the year if your trees are in poor condition.

Fortunately, this kind of damage can be avoided fairly easily. Make sure to treat your home’s exterior and interior regularly for pests. To keep your trees healthy and naturally resistant to insect damage, have your tree removal service in Aledo, TX, trim and inspect them on a regular basis.

Overgrown Branches May Cause Siding Damage

Although roof damage may be the most frequent problem brought on by trees near your home, it’s by no means the only one you should be concerned about. In fact, overgrown trees can even cause damage to the sides of your house.

The siding of your home may become damaged if the branches grow too long and rub against the exterior. In the long run, even minor material flaws like cracks and warps can cause significant harm.

Remember that both your roof and your home siding shield your house from the weather. You run a higher chance of developing wood rot and mold growth if your trees interact physically with the siding.

Keeping the limbs clipped and trimmed is the simplest technique to lower your risk. Plan inspections at least once a year. Ask your tree removal service to remove any extra growth. In addition to helping to maintain the health of your trees, this will keep your siding in better condition.

In the long run, trees that have been properly pruned and trimmed by a professional tree removal service develop more efficiently and are better equipped to combat plant diseases.

Roots Can Shift or Crack the Foundation

While most tree damage is immediate and visible from the outside of your home, some damage takes years to occur and is difficult to detect. The foundation of your home is vulnerable to damage from trees and can be quietly going on for years if you are not careful.

Tree root systems normally spread away from the above-ground part of the tree. The roots are seeking to find nutrients in the soil and to strengthen the tree’s hold against strong winds and severe storms.

Roots can spread beneath the foundation if your property’s trees are too close to your house. The cement slab that carries the structure’s weight is particularly vulnerable to damage from a tree-root system.

The pressures built up over time by the root system may eventually result in foundation cracks. Your home’s structural integrity may become jeopardized. You may run the risk of wall cracks, shifting floors, and other structural damage as a result.

Structural problems caused by root damage can be easily avoided. A tree removal service can eliminate trees that are too close to the house. It will be simpler to maintain your foundation in good condition if you do so sooner rather than later.

Trees Shed Debris

Trees lose leaves, small pieces of bark, and twigs throughout the year. This is entirely normal and indicates that the trees are thriving and in good health. Nevertheless, falling debris clogs gutters. However, if too much debris accumulates in your gutters, it can cause significant issues.

Keep in mind that your roof’s gutters direct excess water away from your home. Water won’t be able to flow to a designated drainage area if the gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris. Instead, it will flow down the exterior of your house over the side of the gutters.

It can be quite costly if your gutter system is compromised by being clogged with leaves and other tree debris. Compromised gutters almost invariably lead to water damage to your siding, your foundation, and your rooftop.

Be sure to clean out your drains once every season and get your trees evaluated by a tree removal service annually. By doing so, your gutters will continue to function properly. Your risk of water damage will decrease as a result.

Get Professional Help

If you care about the value of your property and the health of your trees, you will no doubt need a professional tree removal service. For the vast majority of people, tree servicing is not a do-it-yourself job. Don’t put trees servicing off any longer. Call S&P Tree Service in Aledo, TX, for an evaluation and estimate.

Photo By Renamarie at Shutterstock