April 09, 2022

Getting To The “Tree” Roots Of The Problem: Why You Need Tree Removal Service | Fort Worth, TX

The trees on your Fort Worth, TX, property probably add value to your home along with shade and curb appeal. But that’s not all. Our trees become associated with the image of our home. They wind up in our photographs. They grow up as the neighborhood’s children do. For many residents, the thought of cutting down one of the trees on their property is a terrible one. However, sometimes trees can cause substantial problems for properties. At these times, a tree removal service may be the best solution.

Why Do Some Trees Require Removal?

There are various reasons why you may need to contact a tree removal service like S&P Tree Service to visit your Fort Worth, TX, property. Trees do have a natural life cycle. Sometimes they need removal because they’ve reached the end of that cycle and now pose a substantial safety risk. At other times, they may be causing serious–and expensive–problems that make removal a necessity. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most common reasons why Fort Worth residents contact us for our tree removal service.

Foundation Damage

Tree roots can be incredibly powerful. As they seek out water and nutrients, they can displace the soil, which may lead to foundation damage. This type of structural damage can cost thousands to repair. Trees that are planted too close to home structures are especially problematic. As the tree roots displace soil, the home may shift, which can cause cracks. This is more common in older homes. If you have foundation problems and there are large trees planted too close to your home, you might want to opt for a tree removal. Then, you can have your foundation repaired.

Sewer Line Problems

Tree roots are notorious culprits when it comes to sewer line backups. As mentioned, tree roots are always searching underground for water. Your sewer line may be a convenient source of water and nutrients for a thirsty tree. Sometimes it is possible for tree roots to infiltrate small cracks in the pipes or tiny openings located at the seams of the sewer line. Once the roots get in, they’ll continue to grow unchecked.

The result is that, eventually, the roots will block the pipe and the property owner will experience a backup of their drains. This can be a messy problem. It can also be an expensive one if the roots cause the sewer pipe to collapse. If you’re tired of contending with tree roots and want to protect your plumbing system, you might consider a tree removal service.

The Tree Is a Safety Risk

If your tree is leaning or diseased, it has become a safety risk. Depending on the condition of the tree, it may be preserved. On the other hand, it may be at the end of its span. S&P Tree Service features a team of experienced arborists who can visit your home to assess the condition of your tree. They can advise you of the best course of action. If you opt for tree removal, we can bring all the equipment needed to handle the job from start to finish.

Do I Need Professional Tree Removal Service?

When confronted with a dead or dying tree, some people want to take a DIY approach to tree removal. If you have an electric saw, you might be tempted to cut down the tree yourself. We strongly advise against DIY tree removal. Even if the tree is small in stature, it is probably heavier than you think and it may not be stable. Moreover, if you’re unused to using saws on a regular basis, you may be vulnerable to injury.

S&P Tree Service performs tree removal service routinely, so our operators are adept at using our equipment. They are well versed in all applicable safety precautions. That’s something that homeowners can’t typically say. Safety is a top priority for the S&P Tree Service team.

How Does S&P Tree Removal Tackle a Tree Removal?

If you contact us for tree removal service at your location, we’ll visit your property to view the tree in question. We always take a customized approach to removals because there are various factors that impact the way we choose to remove the tree. For instance, the tree’s proximity to buildings as well as the tree’s condition will impact our decisions about how to take the tree down.

Then, we’ll discuss our recommendations with you and provide a quote for the job. We’re able to provide crane tree removal service for tall trees or trees that are in precarious locations. For smaller trees, we may rely on more traditional felling techniques. We opt for the safest and most efficient means to remove trees from Fort Worth properties. Once the tree has been removed, we can also provide a stump grinding service.

We know that it can be disheartening to have a tree removed from your property. Often, the tree simply was not the ideal type for your landscape. Let our trained arborists recommend other trees or plantings that are better suited to your setting. We can provide you with routine tree trimming services and other tree care solutions to ensure the health of your landscape’s trees.

If you have an unhealthy tree on your landscape or a tree that’s causing property damage, contact S&P Tree Service to learn more about our professional tree removal service and tree care solutions. We have a reputation for our excellent safety record and experienced arborists and crane operators. As a leading tree care service, we provide Fort Worth, TX, with high-quality tree removal solutions at competitive pricing. Call us to schedule a tree inspection today.

Photo By Larisa Sviridova at istock