August 09, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About A Tree Trimming Service | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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When trimming their trees, homeowners take one of two approaches. They either love the idea of being able to use a chainsaw and get carried away. This often results in the tree being over pruned or, in the worst cases, even hacked down to a nub. Other homeowners are more sensible and are gentler with their trees, gingerly remove small branches one at a time. However, they often treat their trees so delicately that it’s hard to tell that the tree has even been pruned.

There is a better option; you could book a tree trimming service. This will mean that your trees are professionally trimmed in a way that will be beneficial to their growth. Rather than doing it yourself, it’s often best to leave pruning and trimming to the experts. If you’re searching for a tree service in the area, you may like to contact S&P tree service. The company offers all types of tree services, including tree removal, pruning, stump removal, landscaping, tree installation, and trimming.

Many homeowners are unsure about what the best time of the year to trim their trees would be. It seems like all your neighbors have their own expert opinions, but these are likely to differ greatly.

This article will look at everything you need to know about pruning your trees, including what time of year to book a tree trimming service.

Why do my trees need to be trimmed?

Keeping your trees neatly trimmed will bring benefits to you and your trees. Having trimmed trees will make your property look well cared for and aesthetically pleasing. A nice garden and exterior of your home can even help to increase your property value.

By keeping your trees well-trimmed, there will also be fewer obstructions for people to walk around or that block vehicle access. You may also have a better view from your window after your trees have been pruned. Trees that are regularly checked by a professional and trimmed as needed are also safer.

Booking a professional trimming service will also mean that your trees produce sturdier branches. This reduces the likelihood that a branch will break and fall, which could result in an injury or damage to your property. Trees will be healthier overall if they have a regular tree trimming service and any other necessary maintenance. This will also mean that the tree is less likely to die early and need to be removed.

What time of year is best to book tree trimming?

For most trees, winter will be the best time of the year to book a tree trimming service. During the winter, the tree will be dormant, and this is the best time for pruning before new growth begins in the spring. Winter trimming also encourages the tree to grow more during the spring and summer months. Trimming a tree will bring many other advantages. It helps to thin out the trees canopy, which will allow more sunlight to filter through the leaves. It will also allow more air to circulate and reach the remaining leaves. This will help the tree to thrive. If you spot any dead branches, it’s a good idea to remove them straight away. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Removing dead branches will make the tree safer.

How does a tree trimming service work?

It’s good to leave pruning your trees to the professionals as they will have the correct tools and be trained in the best techniques. Many homeowners are tempted to get out a chainsaw and start sawing branches off their trees. This isn’t likely to be the best way to trim your tree. A professional will be more deliberate about which branches are removed. For most trees, power tools won’t be necessary. Handheld tools are likely to work best as long as the blades are sharp enough.

The tree trimming service will look for branches that are dead, diseased, or that look precariously positioned and remove these. In many cases pruning diseased branches will stop the disease from spreading to the rest of the tree.

If you want to encourage your tree branches to grow further outwards, a tree service will be able to help you reach this goal. They can use a method called heading cuts to help encourage trees to grow in certain directions. Heading cuts are cuts that make all the branches the same length. They are made straight across, rather than at an angle.

Thinning cuts will be used if you aim to let more sunlight through the trees canopy. A trimming service will deliberately remove some of the branches to allow more space between branches, which will encourage the existing branches to grow.

Can a tree trimming service remove large tree branches?

Never attempt to remove large branches from a tree yourself as the branch needs space to fall. Leave it to the professionals who will be able to use the correct techniques, rather than just cutting off the branch and shouting timber.

The tree trimming service will make a cut on the underside of the branch. This cut will go a third of the way through the branch. By cutting the branches underside, the team will minimize the tearing of the bark when they remove the branch. They will then make a second cut on the top. It will be several inches away from the cut on the branch’s underside and will go all the way through the branch. A third cut will likely need to be made to remove the branch completely.

S&P tree trimming in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Don’t hesitate to contact S&P Tree Service for tree trimming services in the Dallas Fort Worth area. They are available for branch removal, trimming, pruning, and tree removal and can be contacted on 469-789-6775.