December 27, 2021

Emergency Tree Service: Protecting Your Property When Nature Strikes | Fort Worth, TX

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Trees provide a sense of security and beauty to any property. They also can increase your home’s value by adding a natural touch. Unfortunately, trees can quickly become hazardous due to disease, improper maintenance, or other reasons. This article will discuss when emergency tree service is necessary, what can cause your trees to become hazardous, and how to protect your property when nature strikes.

When Is Emergency Tree Service Necessary?

Emergency tree service is necessary when a tree or trees on your property become hazardous. There are many reasons why a tree might become hazardous, including:

Falling branches – A tree in your property can lose branches due to a storm, disease, or insect infestation. If these branches are large enough, they may cause damage to anything below them on the ground.

Falling trees – There are many reasons why a tree might fall that have nothing to do with nature. Falling trees can easily crush cars or people, and they can also damage roofs and other structures.

Leaning trees – Leaning trees are more likely to fall over in high winds or during a storm. This is especially true for trees that are not well-anchored in the ground. Therefore, it is crucial to seek emergency tree service to take care of this problem before something goes wrong.

Tree touching power lines – If a tree is touching power lines, it can cause a hazardous situation. Not only could the tree fall and damage property, but it could also electrocute someone.

Each of these hazards can cause severe damage to your home or other structures on your property, as well as injure people or pets. When you notice that your trees have become hazardous, call emergency tree service to help assess the situation and remove any damaged or potentially dangerous portions of the tree.

What Can Cause Your Trees to Become Hazardous?

Many things can cause your trees to become hazardous, and as a property owner, you need to be aware of them. Some of the most common causes include:

Insect infestation – This typically results from insects attacking vulnerable parts of a tree that have been weakened by disease or drought stress. Once insects infest a tree, they begin to eat the wood at an alarming rate. If left untreated, this can quickly turn into a hazardous situation.

Disease – Diseased trees can weaken and eventually kill a tree. One of the most common types of disease is known as fungus rot, and it occurs when moisture becomes trapped in an area where there are cracks or wounds to the bark. Trees affected by disease are more likely to fall over or lose large branches.

Storm damage – Storms are one of nature’s most powerful forces, but trees still have a chance to survive. Unfortunately, many trees that are struck by lightning or uprooted during storms do not have the opportunity to recover from their injuries.

Improper maintenance – Trees that are not properly maintained are more likely to become hazardous. This includes trees that are not pruned or fertilized regularly and those that storms or other natural disasters have damaged.

Tree age – A tree’s age can also factor in its likelihood of becoming hazardous. A tree that has been alive for a long time is more likely to fall over or lose large branches than a younger tree.

Tree weight – The natural growth of a tree adds extra weight to branches that might not support it over time. This is especially true when the trunk becomes hollowed out by insects or other damage over time. In addition, trees that are not well-anchored in the ground can slip or be pulled out of place when there is a strong wind or storm.

Root damage – Root damage occurs when a tree’s roots are damaged during construction projects such as digging up the ground for a new home or driveway. This can cause the tree to become unstable and fall over.

Injury – A tree can be injured in many ways, such as being struck by lightning or hit by a car. If the injury is severe enough, the tree might not survive it. If a tree is injured and you want to save it, emergency tree service may be the only option.

Drought stress – This typically occurs in areas with a drought for an extended time. Although trees can survive with little water, they will weaken over time and be more likely to fall without warning if their roots cannot grow into the soil as needed.

Uneven growth – Uneven growth in a tree can cause it to become unstable and fall over. This is often seen with trees that have been pruned incorrectly or hit by a disease, insects, or other types of problems that affect their health.

How Can I Protect My Property When Nature Strikes?

There are several things you can do to protect your property when nature strikes:

  • Keep trees trimmed and healthy: Regular trimming and maintenance can help keep your trees healthy and less likely to become hazardous.


  • Get a professional evaluation: If you are concerned that one or more of your trees might be hazardous, have a professional evaluate the situation. They will be able to tell you what is wrong with the tree and whether it poses a danger to your property.


  • Take preventative measures: If a tree has been weakened by disease or storm damage, you can take preventative measures to protect your property. These methods might include installing a brace to help keep the trunk from falling over and placing additional supports around the tree’s base.


  • Call for tree service: If you cannot take preventative measures and your trees become hazardous, call a professional to provide emergency tree services. They will be able to remove the problem trees before they pose an even greater danger to your property.

Get Professional Emergency Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX

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