February 24, 2021

Emergency Tree Service: How It Can Help | Fort Worth, TX

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Homeowners love their trees, and caring for trees is a great investment in the beauty of any lawn. One way to keep trees healthy and looking great is to invest in tree trimming. A routine trimming regime can improve health outcomes for the tree and enhance its beauty. It can also make trees safer to surrounding people and property. Trimming can help with overgrown and cumbersome branches that pose a risk to people on your lawn. In extreme cases, when tree branches and limbs impact power lines, trimming is essential for safety and to prevent damage or electrical problems and should be promptly pursued by an emergency tree service.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why you should consider pruning or trimming your trees. These include managing sap flow, which reduces the parts of the tree that produces sap and therefore attract pests and other unwanted visitors, minimizing fire blight and other diseases, and to encourage increased bloom growth in the later seasons. Depending on the type of tree and when it blooms, different approaches to pruning can have different outcomes. This article will discuss different ways to approach pruning and how an emergency tree service can help.

Pruning 101

There are multiple methods to pruning, and consideration should go to how to best time trimming to correspond with the right point each season. Generally, it is not advised to prune trees in the fall, as this can cause poor healing over the winter due to the prolonged healing period. When trees are exposed to longer healing times, this can risk other problems such as pest invasion or disease. This does not affect the chopping off of dead branches, which can be done at any point.

There are a few different trimming strategies to keep in mind. A tree service can provide consultation on trimming and pruning to help you make the right decision. Depending on your trees, you should be able to select from a number of different trimming methods.

One such method is preventative pruning. For trees that are certain to grow fast, it can be efficient to get ahead of things by pruning branches in the early life of the tree. This allows you to exert some control on the shape and form of the tree and sever any parts that are growing outward in undesirable directions.

Another method is to target sizable branches or limbs near the top of the tree. This can be a challenging method as if done incorrectly, it can endanger the tree. To effectively reduce growth at the crown without risking damage, you should consult with an emergency tree service. Professionals will possess the experience and tools to accomplish this correctly.

Rather than pursuing lateral cuts at the crown, you can also opt for a crown thinning method to trim your trees. Trimming a little off the tree’s crown can actually help with growth by opening up the air flow near the top of the tree and exposing branches to more sunlight. For best results, the branches that are impacting or touching each other should be removed. An emergency tree service should be able to help implement this method.

A more subtle approach is called crown cleaning. With cleaning, only damaged or even dead parts of the tree are trimmed away. This is a good upkeep strategy if you are not doing routine pruning for other reasons. However, it does not go very far in terms of structuring the tree or preventing future problems that other branches might pose. As such, it is a fairly low maintenance approach.

Lastly, you might consider crown raising, which focuses on branches that are closer to ground-level, especially when branches or limbs are causing obstructions to walking paths or roads. Like crown cleaning, it does not go far to structure and shape the tree’s form.

How to Get Started

Trimming a tree offers many advantages, no matter which method you choose. But how should you get started pruning your trees? For one, understand that this is not easy to do on your own. It carries significant risks of injury and without experience can be challenging to implement in a successful way. You don’t want to damage your tree or make matters worse by improperly pruning it.

Thankfully, emergency tree service companies like S&P Tree Service of Fort Worth, TX, provide trimming services as part of its portfolio. S&P professionals come with the experience, skills, and equipment needed to get the job done right the first time around.

Working with a company offers many advantages. For one, it can be prohibitively costly to buy or even rent pruning equipment and is likely not worth it for most household pruning needs. Beyond that, DIY pruning could put you and your neighbors’ property at risk from falling tree branches which may cause damage or legal liability. And although the cleanup can be intense, with an emergency tree service, all debris can be quickly and effectively removed from the property using commercial-grade equipment. It is especially important that any trimming near a power line be done only by professionals due to possible impacts to power lines. As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pruning large trees.

S&P Tree Service

S&P Tree Service offers a wide range of emergency tree services, including trimming and pruning. Our years of experience and combined skills make us a leading option in Fort Worth, TX, for all emergency tree service needs. We can help consult with you every step of the process, to select the right clearing approach and implement it safely and effectively, removing all debris from your property right after the job.

Tree pruning offers countless benefits to both the health of your trees and the appearance of your lawn. With a professional emergency tree service like S&P, you can determine the best path forward on fronts and get the pruning your tree needs and deserves.