October 22, 2022

Do All Tree Care Companies Offer A Crane Tree Removal Service? | Weatherford, TX

When you’re choosing a tree company to remove unwanted trees at your Weatherford, TX, property, you should make sure they offer crane tree removal service. You might be wondering, don’t all tree care companies feature crane tree removal service? Actually, many tree care companies have not invested in their own cranes. Some rent cranes to serve their customers while others don’t offer this type of tree removal solution. S&P Tree Service has well-maintained cranes operated by expert technicians. Crane tree removals have become a standard in our industry. Using a crane is a safe way to remove trees in busy neighborhoods and cities where other methods might be unsafe.

Cranes for Tree Removals

Today, companies who are serious about their tree removal services offer crane tree removal services. S&P Tree Service has invested in all the equipment and vehicles needed to provide our customers with top-notch service. We serve residential and commercial property owners with all types of tree care solutions, including tree removals with the use of cranes. A company that doesn’t own a crane or offer these types of removal likely specializes in fewer tree care services. They may offer pruning or shrub care, for instance.

Our company offers crane tree removal service because using a crane is often the most efficient and safest way to take down a tree. Trees that are located close to homes or buildings or other structures can’t be felled by traditional methods without a heightened risk for property damage. Very large trees can be more easily accessed and removed with the use of a crane.

What Does a Great Tree Service Do?

S&P Tree Service provides customers in and near Weatherford, TX, with a full range of tree care services. We’re able to supply care for your trees from the time they’re planted to the end of their life cycle. In addition to crane tree removal service, we offer tree care solutions such as:

Tree Preservation

Trees can get sick or infested with pests. They can also become damaged by powerful storms and lightning strikes. Our company features highly trained arborists who provide tree care services. We strive to save trees as they’re assets for our customers’ properties. Trees add beauty and shade to landscapes and provide homes to a myriad of critters. When trees become damaged or ill, our arborists can inspect the tree to recommend the ideal care regimen.

Pruning and Tree Trimming

Our tree care company also specializes in tree care solutions like pruning and trimming in addition to our crane tree removal service. Pruning and trimming are essential for maintaining the health of the tree as well as protecting your property. Damaged or dying limbs should be removed from the tree. This can stimulate new, healthy growth. It can also protect your home and visitors from falling branches and limbs. Dead tree limbs are a property liability. During high winds and storms, they can easily crack off the tree and fall onto buildings, vehicles, fences, and other structures.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is another service that our tree care technicians can provide. If a tree has fallen on your property or been removed, we can bring our stump grinder to your property to remove the tree stump. It’s not a good idea to leave stumps in place even if you don’t mind their decaying appearance. .As the stump continues to deteriorate and rot away, it draws fungus and pests. A stump can easily spread disease. If you contact us for crane tree removal service, we can also provide stump grinding.

Tree Removals

It’s true that not all trees require crane tree removal service. Smaller trees can be cut down using more traditional methods. Sometimes a tree is too unstable for a climber and cutter to work on. In these cases, a crane removal isn’t the ideal method. A tree that has partially fallen and is leaning precariously may also not be stable enough for a crane removal. That’s why our company’s technicians are flexible. We’re able to use the best method of removal for any tree in question.

Tree Removal with a Crane

A crane removal is often the preferred method for hard-to-access trees and very large trees. That’s why we’ve invested in crane technology. To remove a tree using a crane, we will first visit your property to evaluate the tree–its condition and position on your property. At this point, we can decide which type of removal method is best for the tree. During our visit, we can also assess the property near the tree as well as access to it. We’ll be searching for the ideal place to set up our crane. The ground must be level in order to operate a crane safely.

On the day of your tree’s scheduled removal, we will show up with our crane, the crane operator, or tree climber/cutter, and additional crew and equipment. Our crew on the ground will be sawing the sections of tree that the crane drops to the ground. We’ll then haul this debris away.

To begin the tree’s removal, our crane operator will lift the climber/tree cutter into place where the first cut should be made. The climber cables the section to the crane and makes the cut. Once the cut is completed, the crane can carefully lift the section off the tree and place it in our drop zone. We’ll continue to repeat this process cut after cut until the tree is safely removed.

If you have a large tree on your Weatherford, TX, property that needs removed, contact S&P Tree Service for our crane tree removal service. We’re a licensed and insured company with years of experience and proven tree care and tree removal expertise. If you need tree service, call to schedule an appointment.

Photo By iunewind at Shutterstock