September 27, 2021

Why DIY Tree Trimming Service Is Not Worth The Risk | Dallas Fort Worth Area

Photo By Vitaliy Kyrychuk at Shutterstock

Tree pruning or trimming is associated with many benefits. For instance, it can improve the appearance of a tree and make it healthier and safer. However, tree trimming is not a simple task. If you get it wrong, you can damage and even kill your tree. The job could even leave you hurt and your property damaged. Therefore, when you have trees that need a tree trimming service, it is imperative for you to ensure that you seek the attention of a professional tree care company, such as S&P Tree Service. At S&P Tree Service, we have a team of highly trained and experienced arborists who understands what needs to be done and at what time it should be done to keep your trees thriving. Although some homeowners in the Dallas Fort Worth Area are tempted to try DIY tree trimming, we advise our clients against it due to the risks involved. Below is a rundown of the reasons we believe that DIY tree trimming is not worth the risk.

DIY Tree Trimming Is a Dangerous Job

One of the most obvious reasons you should never try DIY tree trimming has to do with the risk of accidents. The job involves a lot of climbing, and therefore, the risk of falling is quite high. Besides, when you are trimming a tree, a branch could fall and land on you, your family, or even your pet. Professional tree trimming providers have the necessary equipment and climbing gear to ensure that that job is done in the safest way possible. In any case, arborists hired by professional tree trimming providers are well insured, and therefore, the cost of personal injuries that occur at work are covered by insurance companies. Therefore, by hiring a professional tree care service provider, you can pass the risk of potential injuries to them.

DIY Tree Trimming Could Damage Your Trees

Tree trimming is not a simple job. Indeed, arborists undergo years of education and on-the-job training to get it right. Depending on the kind of trees you have on your property, there is a lot that could go wrong after trimming. If the job is not done properly, your tree could end up weakened, ugly, or even dead. Some mistakes associated with DIY tree trimming include using blunt tools, topping, using contaminated tools, flush cutting, and over-pruning, among others. For instance, if you use tools that are not sanitized, it will be like performing surgery with a contaminated scalpel. Using contaminated tree pruning tools could cause an infection that could kill your tree. The infection could even spread to other plants and trees in your garden if it is not dealt with quickly. On the other hand, professional tree trimming service providers understand what needs to be done to ensure that the tools used for trimming are adequately sanitized, and they will help you with ensuring that the job is done without damaging your trees.

DIY Tree Trimming Is Not Necessarily Cheap

Some people wrongly think that they can save some money by trimming their trees on their own. However, the truth is that you could end up spending more money than expected if you decide to try DIY tree trimming. This is because you may first have to invest in the necessary tools and climbing gear. These things might cost a lot of money to buy or rent. On the other hand, professional tree trimming service providers have all the necessary tools at their disposal, and therefore, you will only have to pay a service charge. Besides, if a professional tree trimming service provider causes any property damages during the job, you can rest assured that they will pay for the necessary repairs. Therefore, by choosing to hire a tree trimming service provider in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, you could end up saving some money.

You Are Not Insured

As mentioned above, tree trimming is quite a risky job. Indeed, when you decide to do it on your own, many things could go wrong. For instance, in addition to damaging your trees, DIY tree trimming could end up causing property damages and injuries. If a heavy branch lands on the roof of your house, it can cause damages that could cost you a lot of money to fix. Besides, if you get hurt during the job, you can end up spending a significant amount of money on medical bills, and you may lose money during the time you may not be able to go to work. On the other hand, professional tree trimming service providers and their employees are well ensured, which means that any property damages and personal injuries that might occur during the job are covered by their insurance.

The Job Can Be Time Consuming

If you have several trees on your property, trimming all of them on your own can be quite a time-consuming job. The good news is that you do not have to do it. You can simply hire a tree trimming service provider to do it for you. By doing this, you will have the time you need to pursue more important matters in your life. In other words, hiring a professional tree trimming service provider will ensure that you do not have to forgo more important engagements trying to do an extremely difficult and dangerous job.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that DIY is quite a daunting and dangerous job, and trying it is not worth the risk. Therefore, if you have trees that need trimming, you better let professionals handle the job. If you are looking for a dependable tree trimming service provider in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, S&P Tree Service is an excellent tree care company to consider. We have been in this industry for many years, and we understand what the job entails. Therefore, you can count on us to ensure that the job is done safely and in the most efficient way possible. Feel free to contact S&P Tree Service today for more information about our company and the services we offer.