October 10, 2022

Dead Trees And Crane Tree Removal Service | Aledo, TX

Even with the best care, trees don’t last forever. If you have a dead tree on your Aledo, TX, property, you should take steps to have it removed as soon as you can. Dead trees are at great risk of falling down. You may not be able to gauge how extensive its decay is, so the sooner you contact S&P Tree Service the better. As the tree continues to deteriorate, its limbs are in danger of failing as well as the entire tree itself. The tree poses a threat to people as well as to your property. For large dead trees, crane tree removal service is often the best option.

Tree Evaluation

While you might be confident that your tree is dead, it’s important to let a trained arborist inspect it nevertheless before its removal. If the tree is severely decayed, it may not be a candidate for crane tree removal service. A tree has to be deemed stable and safe enough for a climber/cutter to land on it and work. During the crane tree removal process, the cutter has to cut away each section from the top down so that the crane can lift it and set it on the ground. A dead tree that’s leaning precariously or in a severely deteriorated state may require a different removal method.

Also, you might be interested in saving your tree if it hasn’t died. It can be difficult to determine if a tree is dead or is sick in some cases. S&P Tree Service features experienced arborists who can report the condition of your tree. We’ll visit your Aledo, TX, residential or commercial property to carefully assess your tree’s condition. If the tree is dead or beyond saving, we can also tell you if crane tree removal service or another removal option is your best option.

When Is Crane Tree Removal Service the Best Option?

Crane tree removal service is a popular tree removal method because it’s safe and ideal for taking down large trees and trees that are difficult to access. Traditional tree felling, cutting the tree down at its base, is simply not possible in some locations when the tree is situated near buildings or congested areas. When you call S&P Tree Service to inspect your tree, we’ll visit your property to ascertain if removing the tree by crane is the right option. Our tree removal technicians are well-versed in all methods of tree removal. We’ll be able to recommend the best method for your needs.

What Is the Crane Tree Removal Process?

If crane removal is the best method for removing your tree, we’ll create a plan for its removal. Unlike some tree contractors that rent cranes, we have invested in our own equipment. We ensure that all of our equipment is expertly maintained and that our tree technicians are well trained in the use of our equipment, including our crane operators and climbers / cutters. We will line up our equipment and crew for the day of your dead tree’s removal.

The Plan

Crane tree removal service begins with a plan. Our technician will visit your property to inspect the location around the tree as well as the tree itself. We will be looking for the best access points and where to set up our crane and drop zone. Depending on the tree’s location and the proposed crane site, you may be requested to remove your vehicles or patio equipment from the area.

Crane Setup

On the day of the tree’s removal, we’ll first set up our crane. We need to make sure that it’s level so that it can safely operate. Crane tree removal service is safe, but crane safety is crucial. Expect our technicians to prioritize safety at every step of the process.

Placing the Climber/Cutter

Once the crane is ready to work, the crane operator will lift our tree cutter into place near the top of the tree where they’ll be making the first cut. Once the climber is placed, they can tether the tree section to the crane and then cut it away. The crane will then remove that section and set it carefully in the designated drop zone.

Systematic Tree Section Removal

The cutter will repeat the tethering and cutting process for each section of the tree being removed. The process is gradual but also efficient. The cutter will only cut away sections that are light enough for the crane to remove at one time. This is why experience is so important when it comes to crane tree removal service.

Drop Zone

Work in the drop zone will go on throughout the crane tree removal process. As the crane drops each tree section, our ground crew will go to work sawing it up and removing it from the property for hauling away. We bring all the tools necessary to manage this aspect of the process.

Stump Grinding

After the tree is removed, we can provide stump grinding service. Stumps left in place can become infested with pests or even spread disease. If you choose, our crews will add this service to the project plan.

A dead tree is a problem that needs removing. If you live in Aledo, TX, you can rely on S&P Tree Service for our crane tree removal service and other tree removal methods. Did you know that we’re also tree care specialists too? Our trained arborists work to preserve trees. We also perform tree care services like pruning. However, if your tree has reached the end of its span, you can count on our tree removal technicians to safely take it down. Contact us to learn more about our tree removal solutions or to schedule an inspection.

Photo By Svetlana Klaise at Shutterstock