August 24, 2021

Crane Tree Removal Service: Why You Should Prune Your Trees During Winter | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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Trees undoubtedly play a significant role not only in our lives but in the earth’s ecosystem. From providing habitats for animals, protecting soil from erosion, giving off oxygen to making the landscape more appealing. Another reason why homeowners in the Dallas Fort Worth Area consult our crane tree removal service is so that they can protect their homes and family. However, to achieve all this, you need to maintain the trees in your compound to keep them healthy.

Winter pruning, also referred to as dormant pruning, is the process of cutting off unwanted parts such as low-hanging branches and damaged limbs from trees or shrubs when they are dormant. In the absence of leaves, dormant pruning involves corrective action through aggressive pruning to make room for more vigorous growth in the spring.

Reasons Why You Should Carry Out Winter Pruning

Whether you have one or several trees in your home, some of the other reasons you might want to ask crane tree removal service to prune your trees this winter include:

Preventing infections and disease

Just like our bodies, cutting or pruning a tree makes it susceptible to infections and subsequent diseases. During the winter, disease-causing pests and microbes are dormant as well. Thus, pruning your trees during the winter protects the tree.

It gives the tree a good foundation

Pruning your tree while the leaves are absent gives your preferred tree removal service company a chance to improve its branching pattern, among other things. Besides, pruning your tree after the onset of spring limits its blooming potential.

If you have fruit trees that produce little or no fruit, the reason could be that you are not having them pruned. By doing so, you are likely to have bigger and more fruits in the next harvest.

Maintaining the tree’s desired shape

If you neglect the trees in your compound, they grow wild and could make your premise look messy and unattractive. This has an undesired effect on the property. As the leaves have been dropping throughout fall, it is easier to see where you will be cutting.

Trying to prune the trees yourself only predisposes you to accidents. Therefore, get in touch with our tree care professionals that can provide crane tree removal service.

Managing space

Over time, and as trees grow and mature, they tend to take a lot of space. A good example is when a tree’s branches become outgrown and hang precariously over your house’s roof. Pruning will make a tree occupy less space and avoid hazards caused by unmanaged branches.


Have the trees in your premises pruned as desired to make the place more beautiful. This is particularly helpful if you are staging your home for sale.

While pruning is an excellent way to keep shrubs and trees healthy and attractive, you may sometimes be forced to remove them. This is more complicated and requires more advanced techniques, skills, and equipment than simple pruning. Before planning a tree removal, consider contacting a reliable crane tree removal service company.

Here are reasons that may force you to have a tree removed:

  • Risky Location – A tree that is too close to your home poses a great danger. A licensed crane tree removal service company will have the tools and equipment necessary to remove the tree without damaging your property. As they are insured, you will be covered for any unfortunate incidents.


  • Interference with the landscape – Every homeowner wants an attractive and well-kept property with good curb appeal. As the trees in your compound slowly mature, they may not fall in line with the initial landscape plan. Its shade may inhibit healthy lawn growth or simply fail to suit your taste. If you have spent time and money to make your landscape look just right and one or several trees keep letting you down, you might want to consider engaging a crane tree removal service company.


  • Insects – Some trees are known to attract some types of insects that may become a nuisance. For example, some trees are known to attract termites. If you have a wooden house, you should be particularly concerned as the termites may cause irreversible damage to your home’s structural integrity. Although there are ways to address this problem, sometimes the only solution is to have a crane tree removal service company remove the tree.


  • Damage – Heavy rain and storms may snap tree limbs or runoff water leaving the tree roots too exposed. If the tree cannot be salvaged or its stems or roots poses a danger to your family, have a crane tree removal service company remove it.


  • Dying or dead trees – If a tree in your compound has bare branches, its trunk is severely damaged, or it has fungus growth, it may be dead or dying. With time, a dead tree will not only be unattractive but may also end up falling and damaging your property. If you notice a dead or dying tree in your Dallas Fort Worth Area, contact our tree removal service company.


  • Root rot – Although it is difficult to notice rotting roots, they can increase the chances of the tree falling over without warning. This is why it is important to schedule checkups by an arborist.

Get in Touch with Crane Tree Removal Service Experts

Felling down trees and removing them is dangerous work that should only be carried out by a well-trained, experienced, and insured contractor with the right equipment. At S&P Tree Service, we are passionate about the proper care for trees. We have adopted a holistic approach to tree care that ensures their continued health and growth. Being a part of Member of the International Society of Arboriculture, you can be sure that our specialists are knowledgeable and well equipped to handle any tree problems you may be facing. Since tree emergencies may occur, we have put in place a 24-hour emergency service that you can easily reach at any time. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.