December 05, 2022

Crane Tree Removal Service Methods And Techniques | Fort Worth, TX

When contemplating the removal of a tree, there are different considerations that go into the job. Often, the type of tree in question may necessitate a certain type of removal. A tree’s size, condition, and location also impact the type of techniques used for the removal. S&P Tree Service features experienced arborists and crane tree removal service specialists who understand the importance of a careful pre-removal inspection in order to determine the best technique for the job. In Fort Worth, TX, crane tree removal service is a popular option because it’s safe and efficient. In crowded neighborhoods or city areas, crane-assisted removals are often the best option. When ordering your tree’s removal, you can depend on our technicians to employ the right crane tree removal service techniques for the job.

Methods for Removing Trees With Cranes

S&P Tree Service features crane tree removal service because it’s a safe and convenient way to take down large trees in busy areas. In many cases, felling a large tree by sawing it down at its base is simply impossible. The falling tree could cause extensive damage to surrounding property. Crane tree removal service involves removing the tree in sections. The process is methodical and deliberate.

The key to safe crane tree removal begins with the placement of the crane. The crane must operate on level ground. Before your scheduled tree removal, we’ll visit your Fort Worth, TX property to determine if the ground is level enough for our crane to operate. On the day of the removal, we’ll take care to ensure that the crane is properly set up and ready to function safely.

Removal of Excess Foliage

Large trees with lots of foliage may require some pre-removal trimming to reduce the foliage and make for a more streamlined removal. Our crews will remove low-hanging branches and branches higher up that might impede the crane removal process. Getting rid of excess foliage makes it easier to access the tree’s trunk for its section-by-section removal.

Top Down Removal Method

When we’re ready to begin removing the tree, our crane operator will drop the cutter into place near the top of the tree. We’ll have already marked a safe spot for the cutter to operate. Once in place, the cutter fastens a cable to the tree section that will be cut away. The cable is attached to the crane. Once the cable and sling are secure, the cutter can make the cut. Then, the crane removes the section to the nearby drop zone so ground crews can cut it down to size.

Section-by-Section Removal

The cutter will slide down the tree making one cut at a time. Once the section is removed, the cutter slides down to the next area of the tree marked for cutting. The process is repetition; before each cut, the cutter must ensure that the tree section to be cut away is securely harnessed to the crane. Only then can the cut be made safely.

What Are the Other Types of Tree Removal Techniques?

While crane tree removal service is a popular option, not all tree removal companies have access to a crane. S&P Tree Service has invested in state-of-the-art tree cranes because they provide us with the safest method for felling trees. However, we may employ more traditional tree removals when the situation warrants them. For instance, smaller trees may not require the use of a crane. Other tree removal solutions include:

Removing Tree at Base

Cutting down the tree at the base is a traditional tree felling method. Instead of using an ax, however, our crews have chainsaws and other proper tree-cutting equipment designed for the job. This type of tree removal is ideal for rural areas when there aren’t any structures or electrical lines around that a falling tree might damage. Also, other trees could be damaged by this type of felling technique, so it’s not always the best method even in rural settings.

Rigging and Cables

Sometimes a tree removal company will rely on rigging and cables to stabilize a tree that will be felled in sections. This type of method is similar to crane tree removal service but without the crane. A climber will access the tree by climbing to a section that will be cut away. Rigging helps keep the tree stable. Crews work the rigging to slowly bring down the tree section cut away by the climber / cutter. The process is tedious as rigging must be constantly reworked to ensure the safety of the process.


Some people choose to uproot a tree they’re attempting to preserve and move to a new area. This process can be extensive as the roots must be dug up using excavation equipment. Property where new constructions will be built may also call for uprooting trees.

Customized Tree Removals

The best way to remove a tree is by choosing the best method for the tree in question. Tree removal specialists must carefully consider many different factors before recommending crane tree removal service or another type of removal. When customers contact us to remove a tree from their residential or commercial property, we visit the site to inspect the tree and its location. Customers can count on us to choose the safest method for their tree’s removal.

If you need a tree removed in Fort Worth, TX, call S&P Tree Service. We specialize in crane tree removal service as well as tree care solutions. Do you need tree trimming or stump grinding? We provide these services too. Our arborists also assist property owners in the preservation of trees. If your trees are suffering from a tree disease or pest infestation, S&P Tree Service can help. Call us to schedule your tree service today.

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