February 26, 2022

Crane Tree Removal Service For Unstable Trees | Dallas Fort Worth Area

Using cranes to remove trees has become a popular option for property owners. In the case of an unstable tree, a crane tree removal service is the best option because it’s the safest course of action to take when a tree is leaning precariously or exhibits other signs of instability. If you live in the area, you can rely on S&P Tree Service to help you maintain the health and wellbeing of your trees and, conversely, to remove them when needed. We specialize in crane tree removal services in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We have a reputation for safe and efficiently performed tree removals.

Unstable Trees Require Crane Tree Removal Service

A tree can become unstable for numerous reasons. It can be suffering from a disease or even death. The tree could already be dead and no longer standing upright. When any tree begins to lean, that’s a sign that you could need a crane tree removal service sooner than later. A sudden storm moving through the area could cause your leaning tree to topple over.

There are other signs, too, that you may be dealing with an unstable tree. If you’re concerned about a tree on your property because it is dropping foliage or appears to have numerous dead branches, inspect its trunk. Are there hollow cavities? Tree cavities are signs of decay. Often, they’re the result of improper tree trimming and pruning; however, they can indicate that your tree is in poor health and at risk of falling down.

Also, look at the base of the tree around the ground. Unless there are raised roots, you won’t be able to see if the roots are rotting, but if you see mushroom growth around the tree, it’s a cause for concern. Mushrooms can indicate that there is decay. If you see fungi growing on the tree, it’s another sign of the tree’s poor health. A highly infected tree is prone to instability.

Finally, is the tree infested with pests? That’s another sign that it’s decaying and in poor health. While some infestations can be controlled, others only occur because the tree is already unhealthy. An arborist from S&P Tree Service can inspect your tree to determine if the pest situation can be remedied or if it’s a sign that your tree is unhealthy, unstable, and needs to come down.

The Benefits of Crane Tree Removal Service

If your tree is leaning or in poor health, you likely need a crane tree removal service. When you contact S&P Tree Service, we’ll send a certified arborist to your home to inspect your tree. At that point, they can recommend the ideal course of action. While some trees might be preserved, large, unstable trees often pose too great a safety risk to leave in place. Once a tree is close to death or already dead, it’s important to remove it quickly before it can fall and injure someone or damage your property.

The reason why our operators often recommend crane tree removal service for our Dallas Fort Worth area customers with unstable trees is that it’s a safe way to remove an unstable tree. Using traditional methods is unsafe for tree cutters as the tree can behave unexpectedly because of its poor health. During a crane removal, each part of the tree being cut is secured with powerful cables to the crane. This means that limbs and parts of the tree being cut can’t unexpectedly fall on your home or injure the arborists and operators.

Tree cutters are also tethered to the crane for added protection. Unstable trees can prove even more unstable as they’re being cut down. The crane removes considerable risk, which is the safest course of action to take.

Is the Crane Tree Removal Process Difficult?

Using cranes to remove trees is actually safe, convenient, and efficient. Any tree removal requires a good plan and careful cutting. Cranes enhance the safety process and allow our operators to take down trees one step at a time, carefully, methodically, but also safely. Before we remove a tree using our cranes, we carefully inspect the area to designate the best place to park our crane. We’ll also designate a drop zone where it’s safe for the crane to place the removed sections of the tree.

On the day of the removal, we take great care to ensure that our crane is operating on level ground. Leveling the crane is important to ensure its stability as it moves heavy tree sections and limbs. Our operators are licensed and experienced; they have the expertise needed to perform crane functions and to take all the necessary safety precautions.

Once the crane is in place and level, we can get to work. Our cutter will mark the areas on the tree where cutting should occur. The cutter wears a cable attached to the crane. They secure the section above each cut to the crane so that it can be safely moved to the drop zone once the cut has been made. Then, the cutter repeats this process as they move down the tree, cutting each section away.

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area and have an unstable tree on your property, you can rely on S&P Tree Service. We specialize in crane tree removal services and can efficiently and safely remove any unwanted trees on your property. Contact us if you need a tree inspection or to schedule a tree removal. We bring everything needed to safely remove your trees. We can also provide other services for you such as tree trimming and stump grinding. Call us to learn more about our professional tree care services.

Photo By GeorgePeters at istock