November 26, 2022

Crane Tree Removal Service For Hazardous Trees | Weatherford, TX

Hazardous trees can leave your property unsafe. A hazardous tree is one that’s in poor health or has been damaged by storms. Hazardous trees and their limbs are at increased risk for falling on homes, buildings, cars, and even people. Although trees are a wonderful landscape feature and a property asset, they can be a liability if they become diseased or are dying. S&P Tree Service serves Weatherford, TX with a full lineup of tree care solutions, including crane tree removal service. We feature experienced certified arborists and crane technicians who can safely evaluate and remove trees that threaten property. If you’re concerned about the health of a tree on your landscape and need tree removal service, call us.

Tree Evaluation

Sometimes it’s not always apparent if a tree is a hazard. However, there are signs to look out for. First, if a tree has been struck by lightning, you can have an arborist check it out. Sometimes a tree that’s suffering from storm-related damage can be saved. Trimming dead or damaged limbs, for example, can help preserve the tree’s health. On the other hand, sometimes the damage is too severe and the safest course is to remove the tree right away. That’s why S&P Tree Service offers crane tree removal service. If you have a hazardous tree, we can take care of it.

We begin by inspecting the tree or trees in question. Our arborists can tell you if your tree has become a hazard if it’s not readily apparent. Again, a tree can become damaged by powerful storms as well as pests and disease. If your tree is beyond saving or you simply want it removed because of the hazard it poses to your home or other property features, we can safely get rid of it with our crane tree removal service.

Can Hazardous Trees Be Saved?

In many cases, property owners choose to try to preserve their diseased or damaged tree. We can help you assess the condition of your tree to determine if this is a recommended course of action. A tree that’s diseased or infested by pests can impact other trees in your landscape. Depending on the disease in question, it may be wise to perform crane tree removal service as soon as possible to reduce the contagion.

On the other hand, sometimes removing sections of the tree or treating it can result in an improvement in its condition. The best course of action is to discuss your tree’s health with our trained arborists. We’ll visit your Weatherford, TX property to assess the tree and provide you with our detailed recommendation.

Choosing a Removal Method

If the tree is beyond saving or you simply want it removed to have done with the problem, we can choose the best method for removing it. Generally, crane tree removal service is the ideal way to take down a large, unsafe tree. However, the tree must be stable enough to allow a climber/cutter to work on it. Sometimes, a tree might be leaning so precariously and in such poor condition that it’s not safe for any person, even an expert, to work on it. In these cases, we may need to resort to other measures to safely remove it.

If the tree is small enough and doesn’t pose a threat to nearby structures, we may choose to take it down by more traditional tree felling measures. Large trees in busy neighborhoods usually require crane tree removal service because it’s a safe and efficient way to remove a hazardous tree.

Safety Is a Top Priority

Safety is crucial in our line of work. S&P Tree Service has an excellent safety record. Our crane operators, arborists, and tree removal crews are experts at what they do. We value the safety of our team as well as our customers and their property. That’s why residential and commercial property owners around the city choose us for crane tree removal service.

Our crews carefully maintain our equipment to ensure that it’s ready for safe use. We will inspect the tree and site before and on the day of the removal to make sure our plan is a sound one. We’ve developed a series of best practices and processes that ensure safety at every step of the tree’s removal. Using proper tools and techniques means that your tree’s removal is in the best hands.

Removing a Hazardous Tree

If we choose to remove your hazardous tree with crane tree removal service, we’ll visit your property to develop the removal plan. We’ll determine where the best place is to set up our crane and access the tree. We’ll be looking for any issues that might impede the safe removal of the tree. Our goal is to create a safe plan for your tree’s efficient removal.

On the day of the removal, we will carefully set up our crane and make sure it’s level. The crane will lift the climber/cutter to a point near the top of the tree so they can make the first cut. However, before cutting away the top section, they’ll fasten it via powerful cables to the crane. Once the cut is made, the crane lifts the section to a designated drop zone. Our crews on the ground will cut down the section into easily transportable bundles for hauling away. We will repeat this process section by section until the tree is safely removed–and no longer a property hazard.

Choose S&P Tree Service if you need crane tree removal service in or near Weatherford, TX. Don’t let a potentially hazardous tree become a property liability. We’re known for our safe work and fair pricing. Contact us to schedule a tree inspection soon.

Photo By CHRISsadowski at istock