November 29, 2022

Crane Tree Removal Service: A Safe Process | Weatherford, TX

Removing trees, especially large ones, tends to come with some inherent risks. There are risks for property, surrounding landscaping, and even risks to the people involved with the removal process. In recent years, the tree removal industry has embraced the use of cranes for removing unwanted trees such as trees that are diseased, dead, or damaged by storms. S&P Tree Service offers experienced crane tree removal service as a safe alternative to more traditional tree felling methods. If you have a dying tree or unwanted tree on your residential or commercial property in Weatherford, TX, we can safely remove it using a state-of-the-art crane. Learn about our safe crane tree removal service here.

Why is Removing a Tree with a Crane Safer?

Crane tree removal service provides a very precise method for removing large trees or trees that are in hard-to-access locations. Is a crane necessary for all types of tree removals? Not at all. Small trees might be safely removed by traditional methods. Sometimes a tree is too unstable for a climber to access for crane tree removal service. Even so, using a crane is often the most efficient and safest way to remove large trees that are situated in busy areas like near homes or businesses.

S&P Tree Service has invested in cranes because they support our safety focus. We have a record of safe tree removals. The use of our crane makes the removal process more streamlined and less prone to unexpected events like falling limbs or damaged property.

Trained Arborists and Technicians Make Safer Removals

A crane in itself isn’t necessarily a safer means for removing trees. A crane that’s being operated by an inexperienced technician or a tree company that occasionally rents a crane for use isn’t a safe option for removing trees. S&P Tree Service features highly trained and certified arborists. Our tree cutters, climbers, and crane operators have the proven expertise needed to operate tree removal cranes and provide our crane tree removal service. An unlicensed or inexperienced crane operator and tree removal contractors are a liability. Protect your safety and the safety of your property (and your neighbor’s property) by hiring a skilled tree removal specialist like our company.

How Do Crane Removals of Trees Work?

We’ve developed a system for our crane tree removal service that begins with an inspection of your tree and landscape. In short, we need to examine the site to develop our tree removal plan. We will assess the condition of the tree to ensure that it’s a candidate for a crane removal. If the tree is too unstable for a climber to access, we will need to adjust our plan. During our initial visit, we’ll also inspect access points and determine where to place the crane for its safe operation. Level ground is a key safety factor that we always take into account when making our crane removal plan for our Weatherford, TX clients.

After the inspection, we can provide you with a quote for the tree’s removal and schedule a date. If the tree is in poor condition, it may require emergency crane tree removal service, which we can provide. On the day of the removal, we’ll arrive with our crane, crews, and other associated removal equipment. We will spend about 30 minutes setting up our crane at the specified location, taking care to ensure that it’s level and ready for efficient operation. We will also designate a drop zone where the crane will set down each section of the removed tree.

The process typically involves our crane operator, a climber/cutter who works in the tree, and our ground crew who will help supervise the job, cut removed wood down to size for transporting, and haul away unwanted tree debris from the site. Many of our crew members wear earpieces in order to easily communicate with one another during the removal.

To begin the crane tree removal service, our crane operator will lift the climber/cutter technician into place on the tree where the first cut will be made. Before making the cut, the climber will attach cables from the crane to the section being removed. The cutter ensures the cable is properly secure so that after the cut is made, the crane can safely remove the section and place it in the drop zone.

Once the first section is cut away, the climber moves down the tree to the point of the next cut. Again, they attach the section to the crane and then make the cut. The crane again lifts the section to the drop zone. The cuts are strategically planned so that the crane never removes a section that’s too heavy for it to lift. That’s a crucial part of our safety plan.

The cutter and crane repeat this process until the tree is completely cut down except for its stump. We also provide stump grinding service. Our crews remain busy in the drop zone, cutting the large sections of the tree down to size so they can be hauled away. Our crews will load the wood onto our trucks and remove them from your property if you choose.

Stump Grinding

Most clients opt for our stump grinding service after their tree’s removal. Tree stumps can attract disease and pests as they decay. Removing it right away allows clients to erase all visible traces of the removed tree so they can clear their landscape for other uses.

If you need crane tree removal service in Weatherford, TX, choose S&P Tree Service for our experience and record of safety. We also offer tree preservation and tree trimming services. Call us to learn more about our tree care solutions or to schedule a tree inspection.

Photo By Jay Monthon at Shutterstock