October 21, 2021

Common Types Of Tree Removal Service In Homes | Dallas, TX

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Trees grow in many different ways and stand out due to the differences in features. Some might be of benefit to you and your family members, while others might be dangerous. It is wise to get rid of trees that pose a danger to your plumbing, sewer, or drainage systems, which might be costly to repair due to tree encroachment.

If a tree near buildings, driveways, utility wires, and walkways is about to fall, it is best to remove it before it falls on people, properties, cars, and pets. Tree removal is a complicated process that requires skills, refined techniques, and specialized equipment to get the job done successfully.

Never attempt to cut down a tree on your own because you might cause significant injuries to yourself and the people around you.

Hiring an expert specialized in tree removal service is the best way to get rid of that tree you feel might fall on your house. Different service providers in Dallas, TX, employ different approaches to removing a hazardous tree in your home, such as:


Thriving trees increase the beauty and value of your home. They provide a cool shade where you can enjoy with your friends, visitors, and family during scorching hot afternoons. But, when the old, diseased, damaged, or dangerous to health and property, they have to come down regardless of its beauty.

Using a crane to remove the tree is one of the most efficient tree removal methods. After evaluating the tree and the surrounding soil, the cranes need accurate and correct installation by tree removal service professionals to protect your property from tree trunks dropping directly to the drop zone.

The crew also hooks the tree to the crane to ensure it is secure after determining if the crane can handle its weight. With the correct installation of the crane and the help of crew members, the crane operator removes the tree vertically from your home to a secured drop zone for packaging, transportation, and processing. Crane-assisted tree removal is among the best tree removal techniques that will leave your home clean without any form of destruction.

Tree Felling

Most companies providing tree removal service use the tree felling method to remove the hazardous tree that is posing a threat to the safety of people in and around your household. The diseased, old, or damaged tree compromising your safety has to come down as soon as you notice it is bending on one side and is likely to fall.

Hiring tree removal service providers to get rid of a hazardous tree is the best safety decision to make. The arborists use the appropriate advanced tools to carry out an onsite safety inspection, which allows them to determine the best strategy to remove the tree. Inspections of the tree and home are also necessary to identify other specific hazardous aspects, such as near a power line, driveway, uneven terrain, or restricted access.

The felling process begins with cutting down the branches first and looping the large sections of the tree trunk to ensure maximum safety of people. The specialized tree removal experts will also evaluate the size of the tree, wind direction, and the surrounding environment after removing the sizable branches.

After finding the right angle to fell the tree, the crew cuts down the tree and starts chipping the wood for easier removal from your home. The arborists in charge of felling the tree in your home in Dallas, TX, will make sure they grind the stump using a specialized machine to the ground level. They also kill the root system, creating space in your property.

The tree felling process ends when the tree removal service specialists remove all the green waste from your residence, leaving it clean. The tree trunk should be in pieces no longer than 48 inches for easier collection.

Climbing Method

Another tree removal technique is climbing the tree, cutting it in pieces until it is down. The climbing arborists providing tree removal make a plan of how to fell the tree. They start by tying a tripod ladder to the trunk of the tree for stability. The climbers also tie a rope to the chainsaw handle to ensure it does not fall when they are up the tree.

The professionals also have a fall-arrest harness buckle which they secure around the trunk to provide maximum safety for the task ahead. They use the tripod ladder to go up the tree to cut down the branches from the lowest ones upwards to the canopy.

Other tools appropriate for climbing a tree include climbing spikes. They set up light rigging cables of the branches over the hedge to prevent them from dropping and damaging things on the ground. Once they get up the tree, the climbing arborists cut and remove sections of the trunk from top to bottom.

Uprooting a Tree

Arborists can also use a tree uprooting truck to lift and pluck a tree from the ground without damaging any of its parts. It is a delicate process that requires the expertise of tree removal service experts to lower the possibility of destroying property or injuring people.

Uprooting a tree from your home is the best way to make your property safer, aesthetic and might have higher returns on investment. The arborists start by evaluating the area around the tree to ensure uprooting the tree will not pose any danger to your house, valuable property, or family members.

Since the uprooted tree has its roots intact, tree removal service professionals can transfer or relocate to another place, saving your home as well as the tree.

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The tree removal process applies in places where trees pose threats to property and the life of people and pets. Sometimes the tree might be causing some severe plumbing issues by penetrating water or drainage pipes buried underground on the outside.

If a tree in your home is hazardous in any way, you should not hesitate to contact S&P Tree Service to schedule a tree removal appointment.

Our tree removal service company in Dallas, TX, offers a wide range of tree services, including removing dangerous trees from your landscape. We are a family-owned company with reliable and efficient technicians and crew that effectively remove dangerous or old trees from homes.