March 30, 2021

Call S&P Tree Service For Reliable Emergency Tree Service | Dallas, TX

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Trees can be a wonderful part of any property. They give you beauty and shade, and they also help to keep the area cooler in general and produce oxygen, which can make your yard more pleasant in general. Additionally, in some cases, trees have special significance. Many people even plant trees in the honor of deceased loved ones, for example.

However, trees can pose problems as well. For example, if a tree is unhealthy, dying, or dead, it could actually be a hazard if it is in your yard. It can be dangerous to your family members and anyone else who comes close to your property. This is why you might need emergency tree removal in this situation. There are many different types of situations that might warrant the need for an emergency tree service. If you are in need of any type of tree service in Dallas, TX, it would be a good idea to look into the services that are offered by the professionals at S&P Tree Service. They have many talented individuals who will likely be able to help you with your problem.

Common Reasons Why One Would Need an Emergency Tree Service

There are many reasons why people would need an emergency tree service. Generally, these have to do with removing a tree or parts of a tree, just in case the tree has become dangerous to people on the property.


Like animals, as well as other plants, it is possible for trees to be affected by different diseases. In some cases, the disease of a tree can end up going unnoticed. When this happens, quite a bit of damage can be done to the plant. In some cases, the disease can actually end up killing the tree. There are some diseases that can cause the tree to become hollow and die, while others can actually end up affecting the root structure that is holding the tree in its spot. If there is enough damage done, a diseased tree can be a hazard to both property and people in the vicinity. At the first sign of disease within a tree, you should contact an emergency tree service professional.

The specific signs that indicate that there is something wrong with the tree can vary from tree to tree. However, in general, if you see leaf loss, leaf discoloration, or branch loss, this can be a sign that something is really wrong with the tree. When these diseases are caught and treated early on, they can often be reversed, and the health of your tree can be restored. However, once they have become too advanced, it might be necessary to call an emergency tree service and ask them to either trim or possibly even remove the entire tree.


Sometimes, you can’t control the elements at all. Even as big and strong as some trees are, it is possible for them to end up being victimized by severe winds and heavy rains. If there’s too much inclement weather, especially if it involves moisture, this can cause quite a bit of erosion in the soil around the roots of the trees. If too much erosion happens in these areas, this is an issue that can eventually cause the trees to lean or fall down entirely. Too much erosion can also have a negative effect on the health of the tree. Trees that are already old or weak are more susceptible to this kind of damage, and damage is more likely when the storm is very strong. Wind can even cause a tree to blow over in the worst of situations. It is also possible for heavy snow to pile up on top of the tree, and the tree might not be able to deal with the weight of the snow. Any time you experienced a severe storm in your area, you should call an emergency tree service in order to see if there’s anything that you need to do or anything that they should do.

Even if the tree is still standing, it could develop a disease as a result of this inclement weather. The disease could leave the tree weak or rotten. If the tree is weak, leaning, or has fallen down entirely, this can be a hazard to property and people in the vicinity. If you have this problem, you should make sure to deal with it right away. When can damage trees by breaking limbs, so you should watch out for this every time there is a storm. Whenever there is bad weather, make sure to take a walk around your property. If you noticed that your trees have any damaged branches, what you should do is contact a tree service about removing the potentially hazardous limbs of these trees. Also, there are some situations where parts of the tree have blown over or landed on a car or building. You might need to call an emergency tree service in these situations as well; of course, prevention is always the best solution, so if you feel that this might happen in the future without some sort of tree service, call them before it happens.


In addition to emergency tree removal, there might be other types of tree service needs that you might have. For example, you might want to have part of a tree removed, or you might want to have it trimmed. There are situations where this would need to happen in order to protect the safety of the people on your property, such as a situation where the tree is actually growing to the point where the branches are starting to run into the house.

If you find yourself needing some type of emergency tree service in the city of Dallas, TX, you should feel free to contact the professionals at S&P Tree Service. They will be able to answer any questions that you have about the emergency tree service options that they offer, as well as what might specifically need to be done in your yard in order to promote the safety of everyone in your home with respect to the trees in your yard.