February 14, 2023

Benefits Of Hiring A Tree Trimming Service | Prosper, TX

Have you ever thought about the purposes the trees on your property serve? Trees provide shade so you can sit outside in the summer without getting too hot. They also offer your house and vehicles some protection from the elements, making your home look lovely and improving its curb appeal.

Because your trees serve so many purposes, it’s best to do everything you can to keep them looking great and live as long as possible, and a tree trimming service in Prosper, TX can help.

Frequent trimming can improve your trees’ health in several ways, and it’s best to hire a professional. You will need a ladder to reach the top, which can be dangerous. Also, you could damage the tree if you don’t know which branches must be trimmed and which shouldn’t.

The best way to protect your trees is by recognizing the size that it’s time for a trimming, and call a tree trimming service in Prosper, TX.

#1 The Worst and Best Times

There are good and bad times to trim the trees on your property. Trimming the trees during the fall is a bad idea because leaves start falling from the trees, and they become dormant in the fall. Hiring a tree company in the fall is a bad idea because trimming will weaken the trees. It’s also a bad idea to trim the trees after a rainstorm or when it’s damp outside because the wetness spreads diseases in trees.

The best time to call a tree trimming service is in winter when the leaves are gone because it makes cutting the branches and limbs easier. Spring is also a good time as long as the trees have finished flowering.

#2 Broken Branches

Branches that have broken, splintered, or are bowing are signs that the tree needs to be trimmed. When the branches break, splinter or bow, they will weaken, and it won’t take more than a strong gust of wind for the branch to fall, damaging everything underneath or hurting anyone underneath.

A tree trimming service will come to your home to trim the damaged branches, eliminating the risk of the branch falling and causing damage or injury.

#3 Misshapen Trees

Misshapen trees may look beautiful and unique, but it isn’t healthy for the tree, and it’s best to have it trimmed. Misshapen trees often grow the wrong way, and the uneven weight distribution can damage your property. In addition, the uneven weight distribution can cause the branches to splinter or break, creating a hazard to anyone and anything below.

A tree trimming service will trim the trees to create an even round shape, ensuring the tree won’t weaken and your property won’t be damaged.

#4 Dead or Diseased Limbs

Dead and diseased limbs must be removed quickly. A diseased limb can kill the tree if it isn’t removed, as the disease will spread to the other limbs, and then it will be too late to help. Dead limbs must also be removed quickly because they’re weak and could fall on anyone or anything below with a strong gust of wind. Also, dead limbs attract insects and pests that can damage the healthy parts of the tree, causing severe damage. Another reason a dead limb must be removed is that the nutrients the tree needs will go to the dead limb, where it cannot be of use. When the limb is removed, the nutrients will go to healthy limbs.

A tree trimming service in Prosper, TX will send a tech to safely remove the dead or diseased limbs and inspect the rest of the tree to ensure it’s healthy.

#5 The Branches Are Growing Near Power Lines

You can’t control the direction the trees grow, and if a tree on your property is growing close to the power lines, it will create a hazardous situation. A strong gust of wind could cause the tree to take the power lines down, and the live wires can start a fire that could destroy your house in minutes or electrocute anyone nearby.

A tree trimming service can remove the branches growing near the power lines safely without damaging the lines or hurting themselves. It’s best to make the call immediately because a disaster can occur if you wait too long.

#6 Too Much Growth

A full tree means it’s healthy and strong, but too much growth can be problematic. Too many leaves on the tree can block the sunlight the tree needs to remain healthy, and overgrowth can also prevent the tree from getting enough oxygen. Also, when the tree is too full, the nutrients may not get to all branches, causing them to weaken.

A tree trimming service will send an expert to your house to determine which branches should be removed to keep the tree healthy and which should remain on the tree. They won’t trim the tree until it’s almost bare, but they will cut it enough that the tree gets the oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients required to thrive.

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If you need to hire a tree trimming service, look no further than S&P Tree Service. We’re a family-owned, full-service tree company, serving customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for years. We are members of the International Society of Arboriculture, with a 5-star rating on Google.

Our crew is fully trained, licensed, bonded, insured and can handle any residential or commercial project. They also have the necessary education and knowledge to detect tree disease and take steps to ensure trees thrive and stand as long as possible.

We provide several services, including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, storm cleanup, emergency tree service, crane tree service, and landscaping service upon request, so you can call when your trees need help.

We also provide emergency service if you’re worried that a tree on your property puts your home and family at risk. We’ll send a tree expert to your house as quickly as possible to evaluate the tree’s condition and determine if a branch should be removed or if the entire tree is unsafe and must come down.

To schedule an appointment for tree service, give S&P Tree Service a call today.

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