January 22, 2023

Benefits Of Hiring A Tree Trimming Service | Aledo, TX

Your trees make your property look nice and different from the others on the street. They also provide shade so you can sit outside on a sunny day without getting too warm. Finally, your trees protect your home and walkways from the elements. Because your trees are so important, it’s essential to care for them properly, so they remain standing as long as possible. One way to do this is by having the trees trimmed by a professional.

If you aren’t sure if it’s worth hiring a tree trimming service in Aledo, TX, you should consider the benefits of scheduling regular appointments.

#1 Keeping the Trees Healthy

Your trees will remain standing longer when they are healthy. They get their nutrients from the soil, and overgrown trees must work harder to get adequate nutrients, which can put undue stress on the trees. Also, if a branch is diseased or infected, it will spread to the entire tree if not removed.

A tree trimming service in Aledo, TX will trim the tree down, so it gets the necessary nutrients. Also, tree experts can detect and remove infected or diseased limbs before the entire tree becomes infected.

#2 Treating Disease

As mentioned above, when hiring a tree trimming service in Aledo, TX, the tree expert will remove diseased limbs. When the limbs are removed, they can inspect the tree to assess how severe the disease is and treat it, allowing the tree to stand longer. Also, treating tree disease is essential in preventing the infection from spreading to the other trees on your property.

#3 Access to Sunlight

Trees need a lot of sunlight to grow and remain healthy through photosynthesis. When too many leaves grow on the branches, the tree won’t get the sunlight it needs to grow and stay healthy.

A tree trimming service will send a tree expert to your house to trim the trees and remove the leaves, preventing the tree from getting the sunlight it needs, allowing it to remain healthy and standing longer.

#4 Prevent Root Loss

Root loss occurs when your trees don’t get enough water and oxygen. When up to 40 percent of the tree’s root system is lost, it won’t have the nutrients and energy reserve it needs to remain standing, putting your home and anyone or anything under the tree at risk if it falls.

A tree trimming service can prevent this problem by eliminating leaves and branches that prevent the tree from getting what the roots need to thrive, and the tree will stay standing longer, ensuring the safety of your family and everything on your property.

#5 Reduced Risk

If you don’t trim your trees regularly, you may not know when a limb is sick, dying, or dead. If you have a tree with limb issues and the limb remains on the tree, it can come down during severe weather, damaging anything underneath and putting your family at risk.

A tree trimming service will send a tree expert to your house to trim the trees and inspect the limbs so sick or dead branches can be removed before tragedy strikes.

#6 The Tree Will Look Nicer

The trees on your property improve your home’s curb appeal, but they must be taken care of properly. If your trees are overgrown and dying and covered in moss, they will negatively affect your home’s curb appeal.

A tree trimming service will send a tree expert to trim the overgrown branches and eliminate the sick, moss-covered branches, so the trees look great and can make your property look great.

#7 Improve Tree Growth

Some people believe trimming their trees will make them look smaller and bare, so they don’t bother hiring a tree trimming service. What these people don’t know is that what they believe is wrong. Trimming the trees regularly will allow the tree expert to remove branches, buds, and roots, preventing the tree from growing and thriving. Having the trees trimmed regularly will make the tree more structurally sound, allowing them to grow taller and more beautiful.

#8 Tastier Fruit

Fruit-bearing trees are wonderful because you can get fresh fruit whenever you want without going to the grocery store. If you have fruit-bearing trees on your property, proper maintenance is essential for the tree to produce tastier fruit. If the tree isn’t getting enough nutrients, sunlight, and oxygen, it will affect the amount of fruit that grows and tastes.

A tree trimming service will send a tree expert to your house to trim the tree, allowing it to get the nutrients it needs to be plentiful and produce juicier and tastier fruit.

#9 Increase Your Home’s Value

A neatly landscaped yard will increase your home’s value. According to Niemiera, a horticulturist at Virginia Tech, a well-landscaped yard can increase your home’s value by 5.5 to 12.7 percent. If you decide to sell your home, you’ll attract more interested buyers if the yard looks nice.

Having your trees trimmed regularly by a professional will ensure the trees are healthy and look great, increasing your home’s value, and it will be easier to sell when the time comes.

Why Choose S&P Tree Service?

If your trees are overdue for a trim and you want to work with the best tree service around, look no further than S&P Tree Service. We’re members of the International Society of Arboriculture, and our tree experts have the knowledge and skill to keep your trees looking their best. They are licensed and insured and can handle all residential and commercial projects.

We provide various services besides tree trimming, including tree removal, installation of large and small trees, stump grinding, crane tree services, and landscaping services on demand.

Our tree experts will give you a written estimate before the work begins, so you aren’t surprised when it’s time to pay for the service.

To schedule an appointment for any tree service we provide, give us a call at S&P Tree Service today.

Photo By Pincasso at Shutterstock