November 10, 2017

Basics of Tree Pruning | Tree Removal Service in Fort Worth, TX

When it comes to taking care of your garden, it seems like one of the most difficult decisions that most people could make is that of removing trees. However, experts dealing with tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX mention that it is, in fact, the most important aspects to look into. That may be difficult to comprehend especially considering how much emphasis is placed on the importance of growing more trees. Yes, that may be the best option for you as well as the environment but trees are also living things and they are very much inclined to passing away as well.

The problem with dead trees is that, by keeping them in your garden, you’re only inviting in more trouble. Instead of fixing the problem, you’re causing it to grow which means that pretty soon; you’ll be in desperate need of a tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX. If you’re not accustomed to dealing with tree pruning then you should start today. This post will be your ultimate guide to the basics of tree pruning.

Tree pruning 101

When it comes to tree pruning, not everyone is aware of why it’s a good idea. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Pruning basically alters the shape of the tree and generally has significant improvement on the health. How does it improve its health? Tree pruning allows the removal of dead of diseased branches and allows the health to improve by preventing the disease from spreading all over the tree. Here are a few tree pruning tips that experts dealing with tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX want you to know:

Tip #1: Know which branches to prune

When it comes to tree pruning, you need to know what branches you need to prune. In this case, it’s important that you try to retain the branches that possess strong and U-shaped angles. It also depends on the size of the branches which means that lateral ones that are between three quarters or one half the diameter of a stem from the point of attachment must remain intact. If the branch is not as mentioned then it’s always best to have it removed from the tree. If you don’t then you will eventually have to contact a professional for tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX.  

Tip #2: The branch size that needs removal also needs your attention

The size of the branch that you are planning on removing places a significant role in tree pruning as well. If your branch is less than five centimeters in diameter then removing it would be the best option. However, experts dealing with tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX suggest that if the branch is between five-ten centimeters in diameter then its best to keep it in tact. Remember, if you’re opting for an expert opinion then you need to follow it and asking any expert then you would know that it’s best if your branch has a diameter of ten centimeters or over then you should only consider a cutting if you have absolutely good reason for it.

Tip #3: The time for pruning is important

Knowing when you should prune your trees is important, it helps to keep the plant well maintained and in control. It’s always best to prune your tree when they are young or when the branches are just coming out. Experts dealing with tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX agree that it not only makes it easier to prune them at that time but it also helps to keep them in control. So next time you plant a tree, make sure you start taming it from the very beginning so it’s in good condition and looks good as well!

Tip #4: Know just how much or where to trim the branch from

Experts handling tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX mostly face problems with trees that have been inappropriately trimmed. That means you need to be careful in avoiding to remove the branch color or trimming it so far so as to leave a stump behind. Either of those could cause permanent damage to the tree or prevent it from growing efficiently in the future.

Tip #5: Never opt for tree pruning yourself

Whether you’re deciding a DIY or hiring an amateur to deal with your tree pruning, you must be aware and stop yourself beforehand. Experts dealing with tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX recommend that it’s always best to hire professionals in dealing with the pruning because this not keeps you safe from harm but they are better able to evaluate the condition of the trees. Amongst other things, a professional will help by:

  • Knowing the safety concerns
  • Know the tactics of pruning
  • Come well equipped and have knowledge on how to make use of the equipment
  • Have prior experience in dealing with your kind of tree
  • Know the problems and conditions your tree may be facing

These will help you avail from not only keeping your tree in shape but preventing any damage from occurring on it now or in the near future. However, for that you need to be sure you know just who can provide you with the best tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX. That means you need to be sure you contact the right kind of professional for your home.

Contacting the right service

Are you having trouble finding the perfect service for your tree pruning? Don’t worry, many people often face the same problem but instead of contacting just anyone, you can simply contact S & P Tree Service and trust their expertise and experience to help you out. Excelling at several aspects including tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, they will be able to keep your trees well maintained and taken care of for a long time.