October 10, 2017

Acne Isn’t Just For You— Taking Care of Your Leaves | Tree Service in Dallas, TX

Ah acne! They’re a pain for everybody but did you know that even plants share the same struggle as you in this area? Well it might come as a surprise but when you look into getting professional tree maintenance in Dallas, TX one of the most common factors that people tend complain about is noticing galls on the leaves of their plants. While it may be a common occurrence, not many people are aware of why exactly these galls tend to form.

Did you know that galls aren’t actually leaf pimples, even though they might look like it? Well, that just means you’re more in the dark than you were when you first started reading this post! Don’t worry, here you’ll find out all about the galls invading your plants and the most effective way to get rid of them.

Bump it up

When you take some time out to get in touch with nature, you will notice that, since you haven’t been up-to-date with tree maintenance in Dallas, TX, your plantations are starting to lose shape. This isn’t only a matter of concern when it comes to growing out of shape but you’ll also notice certain deformities taking control. One of these deformities are the well-known galls often seen structuring up on leaves, the question remains: What are these and how did they get there?

Leaf galls

Typically looking like miniscule balls stuck to leaves, these galls often appear to be different depending on the reason. One of the biggest reasons for its occurrence is none other than pests. While they may not particularly be harmful for plants itself, they are a major indication of pests nearby. Remember, by the time you notice the galls, most of the insects may have moved on, however, you can use it to your advantage by making sure you’re taking precautions against other troubles pests could cause.

It’s also important to note that each tree will have a different looking gall formed on them which means you should pay close attention to these. Think of them as bumps cause when you get bit by an insect, they’re simply an irritation and cause bumps to form. In much the similar way, these insects feeding on the inner layer of the leaves only cause cosmetic damage to them.

• Why should you worry?

The question that pertains then is that if they don’t cause much harm to the plants themselves then why would you need to call a professional for your tree maintenance in Dallas, TX? It’s quite simple really, leaves are what makes a plant healthy and when there are excess formations on those leaves, they become heavy and start to fall out. A healthy plant is the plant that has all its leaves intact, that becomes problematic when the excess galls makes them heavy enough to stay in place and eventually the leaves fall out.

Apart from that, galls usually need nutrition and minerals to form and they get that from the trees thereby severely weakening them. Think of them as a cancerous formation on your plant, you must do everything in your power to avoid it.

• How to get rid of them?

When you contact professional tree maintenance in Dallas, TX to deal with your plantations, you aim to restore your tree’s previous health and appearance. That becomes impossible if galls have formed on them. This is because unlike the human body, these formations are not temporary and often becomes part of the leaves. That means no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to remove them without actually causing damage to your plant. This is usually why tree maintenance in Dallas, TX is a point that’s often focused upon to avoid such unforeseen circumstances from occurring. Once the leaves fall out, the plant is definitely going to deteriorate in health as well as appearance!

• When are the most common occurrences?

Believe it or not, leaf galls aren’t often seen throughout the year. There are specific times that leaf galls tend to be sighted. That’s usually when the most tree maintenance in Dallas, TX is required. The first point to note is that insects tend to feed on fresh, new leaves rather than the ones already present for a while. This is often seen to occur during spring time when new life is in full bloom.

It’s not just new leaves that tend to cause an increase in galls, these formations will not occur if there aren’t hungry insects to feed on them. That means these are often seen to form on plants mostly when pests come out of hibernation and in need of food to feed on. Again, this is usually during spring time which means as soon as spring is beginning, you need to contact your tree maintenance in Dallas, TX.  

• What do professionals do?

There’s no cure for the leave that has gall formations on them so what will happen when you hire professional tree maintenance in Dallas, TX? Well, for starters they are able to depict just how susceptible your plants are to attracting insects. That and they are also able to spray pesticides to keep potential pests at bay. This is the best solution for areas that deal with recurring pest problems. It will not only keep your plants safe but it will also give drive them away from infesting your home.

Finding the right team

To get the best of the best service for your yard, you need to find the best team with adequate experience in dealing with different problems related to various types of trees. That means the perfect team for your tree maintenance in Dallas, TX will not be easy to find. Don’t worry, you’ve come to just the right place! To avail the best for your home, you can simply contact S & P Tree Service Corp. and trust their years of experience to help you with your tree maintenance in Dallas, TX.