April 20, 2019

A Guide to Selecting the Right Tree Removal Service in Dallas

So, you’re thinking about hiring a professional tree service to work in your backyard. You could perhaps have an overgrown tree, some broken limbs, or you may even need to remove a tree. But if you’ve never hired a professional tree removal service in Dallas, and don’t know anyone that may help you select the right service. How do you make the right decision?

Hiring a tree removal service doesn’t need to be complicated, since there are so many different ways you can go about it. To help you out, we are going to share some important points that will help you find the right tree service without facing any complications. Here is what you need to do:

1.  Calculate the Risks Before Making Your Decision

You should look to hire certified, insured, and fully trained professionals for the job. Tree removal is dangerous and more difficult work than people realize. A simple search on the internet for ‘tree work accident’ will provide you with hundreds of images where things go wrong. However, tree removal work can be done in a safe and efficient manner and at affordable prices if performed by experienced and well-equipped professionals. When it comes to tree removal services in Dallas, you should only aim to work with professionals because someone may seriously get hurt during tree work.

2.  Ensure the Company Is Legitimate

Make sure that the company you should is insured and has a business license. It’s easy for anyone to buy a chainsaw and market themselves in the papers as a tree removal service. Some people may think that it is an easy way to make money but the reality is that tree removal work is extremely dangerous and must only be handled by skilled and trained professionals that have proper rigging gear, safety gear, insurance, and license. Here are the two most important things you should check when hiring a tree removal service in Dallas to ensure it is legitimate:

·     Insurance

Check whether the business you’re considering offers current liability insurance, and demand to see a copy of it. A lot of companies will claim that they are insured when they aren’t to get the job. You could find yourself in a predicament if you choose to work with a company that doesn’t offer insurance and there is an accident on job that causes injuries or damage. The property damage isn’t going to be covered and anyone that is injured on your property could sue you.

·     Business License

No company can acquire business insurance without a business license. To ensure that you’re working with a legitimate business, it’s important that you demand to see a copy of their business license.

3.  Check If They Have Safety Gear

The ground personnel of the company should use helmets with face shields and wear protective glasses and steel toe boots when working on your property. The climber must also have the latest in climbing and safety gear. This may include arborist climbing ropes, steel toe boots, glasses, helmet, and a proper saddle. If they only show up with a ladder, it’s a big sign that they aren’t professionals.

Professional tree removal services in Dallas don’t use ladders and have the latest rigging and safety gear that has been specially manufactured and designed for tree work. Bringing down heavy wooden pieces causes a lot of friction, and shock-loads the pulleys and the ropes. This is where specially designed gear helps since it keeps the workers and your home safe while ensuring the job runs smoothly.

4.  Get a Written Estimate

To further protect yourself, you should ask for a written estimate from the tree removal service in Dallas, as you shouldn’t take anyone’s word. A legitimate business isn’t going to hesitate to give you a written estimate since they have nothing to hide from you.

5.  Don’t Pay Upfront

A professional tree service isn’t going to ask for any upfront money for their services. Tree work doesn’t require any materials to be bought since it only needs manpower. You may be asked for upfront money from a home improvement contractor, so they can purchase materials, but a tree removal service in Dallas shouldn’t ask for upfront money. There have also been cases of customers paying money up front to a company for tree work and they never received any services. To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t agree to pay anything until the task has been completed and you’re satisfied with the work.

6.  Understand All the Details

When you’re getting an estimate from a tree removal service in Dallas, you should check if all the details are matching. Is the company meeting all the criteria mentioned above? Will they be leaving the brush or hauling it away? What are they going to do with the larger pieces? Are they going to shape the entire tree or only trim the dead branches? Is the stump going to be left? Are the twigs and leaves going to be raked up at the end or will it look as if a massive storm came through? Make sure you ask plenty of questions and get a clear understanding of your expectations.

7.  Have Patience

Pricing will vary from company to company. However, some companies are better prepared for some jobs and will look to compensate for other jobs by bidding high for them. Sometimes a company is going to be slow while other times they’ll be busy which will impact their pricing. There are several factors that may affect pricing, and the key is to hold your nerve, negotiate, compare prices, and be patient. You should remember that tree removal service in Dallas is risky work. Therefore, companies are going to charge premium rates for their services. However, it will be worth it if you work with a company that is insured, experienced, and well-equipped.

If you’re looking for a professional tree removal service in Dallas, you should get in touch with S&P Tree Service. We have a fully trained, licensed, and insured crew that is equipped to handle all commercial and residential projects. For more information visit our website or call us at 469-789-6775 today.