April 06, 2021

6 Signs It Is Time For A Tree Removal Service | Dallas, TX

Photo By onfilm at istock

Trees are a luxury to have on your property, and a mature tree can actually add thousands of dollars of value to your home. This is because they help make a home look more welcoming and provide natural shade which can help lower energy costs during the long spring and summer. However, when a tree starts aging or dying, dead tree limbs can start to litter your yard or even worse, drop and damage items near or on your property such as swing sets, cars, and even your home.

When it gets to this point, you need to investigate hiring a tree removal service in Dallas, TX. While it may feel wrong to cut down a tree when it is older and has become incorporated with the spirit of your profit, you can’t wait for a diseased or damaged tree to drop on its own without any control. If you are not sure whether or not now is the time to call for tree removal, look over the following list of signs. While the list is not complete, all of these are good reasons to consider cutting your tree now instead of later.

Tree Growth Appears Abnormal

Most people know what a tree looks like when it is healthy. Trees should have new sprouts in the spring, plenty of lush green leaves, and look overall full and healthy. If you start to notice a tree thin out on your property, have a large number of dead branches, or leaves that seem to fall year round then you may have a problem. It is very likely at this point that the tree is dying which is why new growth isn’t happening and the tree isn’t filling out in the spring and summer months. At this point, it is time to definitely look into hiring a tree removal service.

Trunk Is Starting to Split

The trunk’s job is to support the tree and act as its main artery sending up nutrients and water from the roots throughout the rest of the tree. In order for a tree to remain healthy, its trunk has to be healthy. However, disease, damage, or the long-term effects of insect infestation can all damage the trunk of a tree. Over time you will notice cracks and slits that form into the trunk and eventually you may even notice that it appears the trunk is starting to split. At this point, it is nearly impossible to save the tree, which is why the best course of action is usually

Upcoming Renovation or Construction

If you are planning on expanding your home or taking on a major landscaping project in your front or backyard then it is possible that you may need to remove a tree or not. You can attempt to build next to large trees, but oftentimes you end up damaging the root structure of the tree. While the tree may appear to be standing still, destroying half of its roots can actually cause it to die and weaken which may even mean it falls on the area that you are spending thousands on to renovate.

In the end, it is usually better to just call a tree removal service and have any trees near your construction site removed. If there are a few trees you would like to save if possible, the tree removal service is the best place to ask. They can give you their opinion on whether or not the tree will survive and whether or not you should go ahead and proactively remove it.

You See Root Rot

Root rot is never a good sign. If you start to notice signs of root rot this probably signifies that fungus is getting under the soil and into the tree roots. Once the fungus grows over the roots or you aren’t sure what you are looking for, common signs of root rot include yellow leaves, dead branches, and stunted growth. It is a good idea to call an arborist to see how much damage is done and hopefully contain the root rot so that it doesn’t spread to other trees. However, you will need a tree removal service to actually remove the tree that is already dead on your Dallas, TX property.

Bark Is Starting to Peel Off the Tree

Tree trunks will shed bark over the year as part of the growing process. Much like our hair continues to grow and then we cut it and it comes back, a tree will shed its bark throughout the year but hiding under that layer is fresh bark. However, if the bark is falling off the tree and there is no layer of rough bark waiting underneath to replace it then you have an issue. You can call an arborist and try to save the tree, but in most cases, you will end up needing a tree removal service to take the tree down. If you don’t, it will eventually fall on its own and likely not in the direction you would hope.

When You Notice Any of These Signs

People commonly think that just because they notice the above signs doesn’t mean they need a tree removal service. A lot of people figure that if a tree is going to fall they would rather let it fall on its own, and then just clean up the wood, but it’s rarely that simple. More often than not when a tree falls it takes out a lot of electrical wires, property, homes, cars, etc. In addition, trees are much taller than they look, so what you think will drop easily, will probably cause a lot of debris on its way down.

For this reason, if you notice any of the above signs you need to call a tree removal service and have the offending tree removed right away. S&P Tree Service offers a complete tree removal service that makes the process simple for homeowners. Give us a call today if you are worried about a tree on your property.