October 15, 2020

6 Signs You Should Call A Tree Trimming Service | Dallas Fort Worth Area

Photo By Allkindza at istock

It’s not always easy to tell when it’s time to call a tree trimming service for the trees in your yard. By the time you decide you’d like to have them pruned, the overgrowth may have spread too much, creating real inconveniences for both you and your neighbors.

There’s also the risk that branches may fall on their own, which again poses a hazard. And letting the branches grow too much results in you needing a lengthier and more expensive pruning session, which can all be avoided by doing it ahead of time.

Besides everything above, you also want to keep the trees in your home in the area looking their best, which simply isn’t possible when the trees are not well maintained.

If you’ve been struggling with knowing when exactly to pick up the phone and call a tree trimming service, these six signs will make it easier to know when the time’s right.

1. Broken Branches

When your tree has a broken branch that exposes its inside, that’s a clear sign that it has suffered some amount of damage. Most times, it’s because there is heavy snow that has weighed down on the leaves and the branch itself, or there has been a strong wind that pushed the branch too hard. Either way, it’s a sign that whichever of those factors is the culprit caused a lot of damage.

With the branch dangling off the tree, you can expect to see more damage due to the tree having to bear uneven weight. Some pruning from a tree trimming service helps to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed, ensuring that the tree suffers no further damage.

Another factor to consider here is that a dangling branch can be a hazard, and it may cause serious injury to anyone who happens to be walking under it when it falls off completely.

Getting it removed by a tree trimming service helps restore safety to the area around the tree, while also ensuring that the tree doesn’t suffer any further damage.

2. Too Many Deep Cracks

You should make sure to check your tree’s bark every once and again if you want to always have an accurate picture of its health. If you spot two or more cracks, that’s a clear sign that the tree is either sick or it has begun to die.

Deep cracks are an even more stark sign, and they mean that your tree requires immediate attention, preferably from a tree trimming service. Without the tree receiving this attention, there is a high chance that the rot will spread all over, causing even greater damage.

It may also attract pests to the tree, since the tree won’t be able to produce the chemicals that usually defend it due to ailing health. Eventually, you may find yourself having to remove the entire tree.

If this problem is occurring with your tree in the Dallas Fort Worth area, call us to have a look at it and fix it for you.

3. Branches That Are Crossing

When a tree hasn’t been tended to for too long, you will notice that the branches begin to cross. This can take anything from a few months to a few years.

The problem is that when the branches cross, they rub against each other. That damages the bark and leaves the interior of the branch exposed. Once the inside area of the branch has been exposed, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to rot.

The rot will likely spread to other parts of the tree unless you get a tree trimming service to cut parts of the branches before they begin to criss cross.

Leaving the tree’s branch interior exposed may also lead to various forms of disease, as well as the tree being highly vulnerable to different types of insects.

4. Excessive Deadwood

Deadwood presents another sign that your tree is in ill health. The reason for that may be the tree simply being old and beginning to die. Another reason may be that the tree is failing to receive adequate, has shed too many leaves or is overrun by insects.

Unless a tree trimming service removes the deadwood, the entire tree will start to decay and it will eventually have to be removed entirely.

There is also an issue with the deadwood hanging on the tree, where it can fall at any moment and cause injury to someone or destroy property.

5. Branch Density

Often the most obvious sign that a tree needs to be pruned is when it has too much greenery. There is no exact quantity of greenery a tree needs to have or even an accurate way to make a measurement, but a good rule you can follow is to always check if you’re able to see through the tree or if sunlight is able to pass through it.

If not, then that’s a clear sign that the tree needs to be pruned. High branch density causes a danger with the branches overweighting the tree, making them vulnerable to falling off at any moment and causing damage to someone passing underneath.

The branches are also likelier to catch the full brunt of the wind when they’re tightly packed together, which can send them flying off and again cause a danger to nearby people and property.

A tree trimming service is needed here, especially in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.

6. Tree Cankers

These refer to when a section of the tree’s bark appears sunken or completely missing. They can be a sign that the tree has caught a disease and they also point to the tree needing to be fully cut down if it’s not pruned in time.

If any of the six signs above sound familiar, that means you need a tree trimming service to restore your tree to good health and possibly your safety and the safety of your property. Call us at S&P Tree Service and we’ll take care of the issue.