October 20, 2019

6 Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps from Your Landscape | Tips from Your Dallas, TX Tree Removal Service Provider

Photo By Olena Ukhova at Shutterstock

While you suspected that with all those trees gone, you’d have a clean-looking landscape with a world full of opportunity for you to personalize, but tree stumps are cluttering everything up. You might have moved into the property when the stumps were already there and besides the minor annoyance, you haven’t really given them much thought.

A tree removal service can get them out of the way for you. Maybe you should be considering removing the tree stumps a little more. Need reasons? Here.

1.  They can re-sprout. 

Like the old zombie movies in which something seems to be dead but keeps coming back to life, your tree stump might just start re-sprouting. It might very convincingly look dead but it’s not at all uncommon for new sprouts to start to appear.

To make matters worse, the sprouts won’t fully mature into trees. Instead, they spread around the stump, taking up a greater area with time. This can create an unkempt look that interferes with any future landscaping plans you may have by making them more complicated.

Added to that, roots may continue to grow. These are a problem for your driveway and your plumbing, making them a potentially costly issue. If you have already damaged pipes, they’re especially vulnerable.

To avoid this, call a tree removal service. We serve clients in Dallas, TX.

2.  They attract pests. 

If the stump is well and truly dead, the good news is that the first problem above has been averted. The bad, however, is that another problem will quickly arise. Since the stump will start to decay, it will also attract pests. The most notable and dangerous of these are termites.

What makes the termites dangerous is that after they’ve had their fill of the stump, it might not be long before they start journeying to your home. When that happens, you might be at risk of losing thousands of dollars in structural damage.

With other trees around, that problem becomes much bigger. The pests and diseases on the stump can very easily spread to the other trees, which can be devastating if you’ve put a lot of effort into maintaining them.

The best way to avoid that is to call a tree removal service.

3.  They disturb lawn maintenance. 

Whether you mow your lawn yourself or you have another service come to your home to do that, mowing is much easier when tree stumps are removed. To begin with, a tree stump may damage lawnmowers, especially when the grass is longer and the stump’s harder to see.

Even avoiding that, the tree stump makes the business of mowing your lawn much more complicated and difficult as you’ll have to constantly watch out for them. Added to that, you might not be able to mow the lawn near the stump, as there might sprouts and overground roots there.

If you’re in Dallas, TX and need a tree removal service to remove tree stumps in your landscape, call us.

4.  They can be a safety hazard 

All things considered, tree stumps are safer than smaller ones. They’re easier to spot, meaning there’s a much lesser chance that someone will unknowingly run into it.

With smaller stumps, however, someone can very easily trip and fall, since it’s harder to spot. That’s even more likely when the tree stump is surrounded by long grass, which in itself is a likely case since mowing around a tree stump is a huge hassle.

Not only is it a problem for you, but guests who don’t know your property quite as well are also especially prone to it. Considering that can turn into a liability, it’s not a problem to laugh off.

It’s best to have a tree removal service take out the stumps so you can have a safer landscape. We provide that service in Dallas, TX.

5.  They take up space. 

For landscapes both big and small, there are numerous advantages to removing tree stumps. Tree stumps in large backyards can be blemishes that take away from an otherwise scenic look. Smaller yards can look much bigger when the stumps are removed, and it’s not space-efficient for them to be giving away all that room.

With the stumps out, many more landscape applications will start to look more practical. That’s space you can use for whatever you please, like creating a compost pile or a flower bed. You might even want to start off with a sprout for a new tree. It’s up to you.

If you’re in Dallas, TX, call our tree removal service to help you get that opportunity to use your landscape as you wish.

6.  They make your landscape less aesthetic. 

Tree stumps are downright unattractive, and the difference is always much clearer after a tree removal service spruces things up for you. Even before then, it’s not hard for many homeowners to see how the tree stumps in their yards are taking away from the overall look of their property.

That can also have implications on the property value, according to some who believe that it can really make that bad of an impression.

Important Thing to Know When Removing a Tree Stump 

While removing a tree stump may seem like something you can do with a truck and a strong rope, that’s not the best way to go. No other way to lose bumper could be more certain, or avoidable.

Even if a DIY job does succeed, it might remove the stump but not actually the roots. Removing the roots without the stumps to signal where they are can be difficult, and it will drive up the cost of a tree removal service when you eventually do get one.

If you’re in Dallas, TX, getting S&P Tree Service, a tree removal service is the safest and most assured and efficient solution. Do that instead.

Tree stumps can seem like only a minor annoyance at first, but given enough time they can grow into something much more problematic. There are numerous benefits to removing them.