March 08, 2017

6 Questions You Must Ask Your Arborist – Dallas, Fort Worth Area Tree Maintenance

Trees play a major role in bringing nature to our homes as well as adding aesthetic appeal! Trees are essential because they mark the season. In addition to keeping us close to Mother Nature, it’s the best way to mark winter, summer, fall, and spring. Just look at those trees. There’s no one you would find who would hate them – and of course, because you only have a lot of reasons why you should love them.

Since trees play a major role in providing us oxygen, cooling the environment, conserving energy, and even creating economic opportunities, it’s only fair to ensure their maintenance too. It’s not only good for the trees but also us – since weak and diseased trees can be harmful to our environment and even pose various risks. If you are looking for services like tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth area, it is important that you know you are working with the right team of arborists.

The following are some important questions that you should ask your arborists to ensure they are professional and trained in the field to carry out the maintenance task without any risky variables.

Q.1 Are you qualified for this job?

Skills and qualifications are two different things. Some people do possess the skill to carry out the task but may not have the right qualification to do it as efficiently as you may like. Thus, it is important that you find someone with up-to-date and relevant qualification. A company with professional and qualified arborists will offer you better services. It is highly recommended that you conduct this check before agreeing with the contract.

Q.2 Are you going to provide us any insurance cover during the job?

This is another important question that you shouldn’t miss out on. You need to make sure the type of insurance and coverage a company is offering you during the service. Since most of the mishaps associated with tree falling are not covered – as they are categorized under nature attack – you also need to make sure you are not responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries as a result of tree removal or maintenance on your property.

The more coverage you are offered, the better!

Q.3 Are you going to provide me a list of references?

Reliability is an important factor and reference is exactly what’s going to offer you that. Most companies offer you a list of references related to the job you require. Before you hire a professional service for tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth area, it is important to ask for references. You can look for contact information from clients with a similar quoted job or you can even check out feedback posted on the company’s website or social media page.

This will give you quite a good idea if it’s worth hiring the company for your work.

Q.4 Are you going to offer me a detailed quote?

Comparing different companies before short listing or finalizing the service for tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth area is important. However, you will only be able to compare if in addition to the service they are providing, they also offer you a quote. Everyone has a budget and certain standards of quality that they wish to stick to.

Having this important information in hand will enable you to compare the results before making your final choice. A detailed quote will also help you compare the results of different projects by companies you have short listed so that you are able to make your final decision.

Q.5 What’s your plan for this job?

This would answer a lot of questions you may have in your head. Now that you have the quote in hand, the answer to this question will further help you decide which service to go with for tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth area. If they are sharing the plan with you, it is a clear sign that they are not only professional with their work but they know exactly what to do.

Arborists from a professional company will have a plan as well as estimate duration for the project to give you a fair idea of how the services would be carried out. If it matches with your standards, you definitely know what the next step is.

Q.6 How about your level of professionalism?

Instead of asking this question, you need to observe more to get an answer. Of course, if you ask that question nobody would say ‘no’. But that’s not what you are looking for. You need to make sure they are professionals by judging them through their work and professional appearance. Judge them on the basis of how employees come and present themselves. Also, make sure you have a look at their equipment that they would be using for tree maintenance. Is the equipment up to date, well maintained and clean? These factors are important not only for the sake of reliability but also for safety concerns.

If you find their conduct doubtful or the way they treat their machines and equipment, it’s time to reconsider your decision.

The job needs safety and protection in order to be carried out effectively. Make sure they are wearing protective glasses, ear muffs, hard hats, boots, and chainsaw-proof pants for the job. Any reputable and professional company would be practicing that without you pointing it out. You need to judge them on the basis of professionalism as well as their passion for the work they do.

If these are your requirements, we are the professionals who are not only qualified and skilled for the job but passionate about our work. We possess the professionalism and talent to carry out tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth area as per your standards. We can organize your garden up to your satisfaction. To get your free quote today, connect with us at