August 15, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Tree Trimming Service Provider | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By YinYang at istock

Everyone wants to save money and some do it by attempting to do it themselves. Attempting to build something yourself or landscape yourself can be exciting and it can save you money. Tree trimming is not one of those activities you should attempt to do yourself. It is also best to hire a professional tree trimming service provider like S&P Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX. There are many things that can go wrong if an inexperienced person attempts to trim their trees.

Falling trees and branches

Trees and their branches are very heavy and if they are not removed properly they can cause serious damages to your property. A tree trimming service provider should be hired to lessen the risk that is involved with tree trimming. They are professionals who have to experience working with trees and they know how and where to cut the branches or trunk so that the tree falls in the preferred direction. The removal of these heavy branches can also be dangerous and very time-consuming. You could cut the large branches into smaller pieces so that you can load it onto a truck and dispose of it. These branches might still be too heavy and you can get injured trying to load them. A professional tree feller has access to a wood chipper which makes it much easier to dispose of branches and they usually work in teams so they are able to work together to transport heavy branches to the wood chipper. It is best to hire a tree trimming service provider so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to trimming your trees.

Power lines

Trees can grow quite tall and sometimes they reach power lines. The power lines can be in between branches and behind trees. The leaves can be packed densely around the power lines which can make it difficult to see them. Your chainsaw can make contact with a power line and this can electrocute you. The injuries from electrocution can vary from burns to death. The shock from the power lines can also throw you from the tree and you can sustain serious injuries from falling. Professional tree trimming service providers are often licensed to turn off the power supply and decrease the risk of electrocution. They also have protective gear that mitigates the shock from the power lines. The tree can also damage the power lines when it falls which can leave you without power for days until it is repaired. To avoid excessive damages to your health and property it is best to hire a tree trimming service provider.

Injury from tools

The tools used in tree trimming services are powerful and can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. They are also not Immune to malfunction. Professional tree trimming service providers have safety equipment to protect them if their tools malfunction. They are also trained to implement safety measures to decrease their chances of injury. If an injury does occur there are specific ways of dealing with an injury until a health care professional can take a look at it. It is best to hire a professional because they know how to handle these emergencies. The tree can also be injured if the incorrect tools are used which can lead to the tree dying.

Rotting wood

It can be challenging to determine if the wood of the tree has rotted or is weakened. You might think the wood is strong enough to hold your weight but in reality, that branch is just waiting to snap. You can suffer minor injuries like bruises or major injuries like broken bones. If you fall from a high enough branch then you could also fall to your death. Sometimes you think that it is rotting wood but it is actually just wet wood and the tree trimming has to be delayed. S&P Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX. know exactly what to look for when it comes to assessing the integrity of the wood. A tree timing service provider will know which branches to avoid sitting on and which ones are safe. It would be foolish to risk your health and safety to save some money by trimming a tree yourself.

Inadequate knowledge

Trees are living organisms and they are susceptible to diseases just like humans. The average homeowner doesn’t have enough knowledge regarding tree trimming to do it successfully and without complications in the future. A professional tree trimming service provider has the knowledge and experience to trim trees without damaging the tree. They know that tools must be sanitized with alcohol to avoid diseases from spreading across multiple trees. A professional also knows what the right amount of branches they can remove so that the tree won’t become stressed out. A tree’s growth can be tuned or it can die if incorrect trimming techniques are used. If too many of the lower branches are cut off then the tree can become top-heavy. This increases the chance of a tree falling over during strong winds or a storm.

The above mentioned reasons clearly outline why it is better to hire a professional tree trimming service provider instead of doing it yourself. You might save yourself some money if you decide to do it yourself but you drastically increase the risk of damages to yourself and your house as well as the trees on your property. If you are looking for experienced tree professionals then look no further than S&P Tree Service. They are members of the International Society of Arboriculture. They provide a variety of tree-related services ranging from tree care to tree removal. Give them a call today for all your tree-related needs.