April 15, 2022

5 Low-Maintenance Trees To Plant This Spring From Your Tree Trimming Service | Dallas, TX

As you probably know, some trees and shrubs are rather high maintenance. It may seem that every other season your trees need tree trimming service or some other form of care. As you think about your spring landscape, there are many types of trees that are considered low maintenance. They’re largely resistant to common diseases and pests and they don’t necessarily require annual tree trimming. If you’re getting ready to transform your Dallas, TX, landscape, and garden this spring, here are some trees to consider.

Chinese Redbud

Want to add a pop of color to your landscape? The Chinese Redbud blooms with a bright bevy of rose-pink flowers. Many gardeners prefer this beauty because it is easy to keep small with regular pruning–but you can let it grow larger if you choose. Your tree trimming service can manage the pruning for you if you want to maintain its small size. Since it’s reasonably drought tolerant and is able to thrive in most soils, it’s a great option for Dallas landscapes.


Why are messy magnolia trees on our list? Because they’re simply too beautiful to leave off with their showy tulip-shaped blooms. Yes, these trees can be messy when the flowers fall, but the good news is that they don’t require much maintenance other than to remove dead or diseased limbs as needed. Your tree trimming service can remove these limbs for you. If your magnolia is planted in the right location with well-draining soil and plenty of sunshine, it isn’t likely to need a lot of maintenance.


Similar to maple trees, Katsura trees don’t grow quite as large. Essentially disease-free and pest resistant, the Katsura will add a dazzling pop of color to your fall landscape with its orange, gold, and red hues. Katsura trees are slow-growing and don’t require annual tree trimming other than removing any dead limbs. Gardeners only need to be concerned about providing them with plenty of water when they’re becoming established in the landscape.

Purple Leaf Plum

If you want to add color and attract birds to your landscape, the purple leaf plum is a good option. It thrives in full sun with slightly acidic soil. Acidic soil will bring out the vibrant purple hues of its foliage. In spring, it bursts with pink and white flowers. Tolerant to moderate drought, you may need to provide your tree with deep watering during the hottest summer days. Your tree trimming service can remove any damaged or dead limbs to keep your tree looking its best.

Desert Willow Tree

A small-growing tree, the desert willow is a vigorous grower that does not require a lot of care. It attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies to landscapes, which makes it popular with Dallas, TX, property owners. You won’t need to contact your tree trimming service to prune this beauty unless there are dead limbs that need removing or you simply want to tidy up its showy appearance. Once your desert willow tree is established in your landscape, it can tolerate drought conditions admirably and it thrives in hot, dry settings like Dallas.

Where to Plant Your Trees

Before planting your new trees this spring, carefully evaluate your property so that you can choose the ideal planting site. Different trees prefer different growing conditions. Some trees require full sun. Others may require certain types of soil. Remember, even low-maintenance trees can become high-maintenance trees if you plant them in the wrong locations. In order for these or other trees to thrive, you’ll need to plant them in a place that is conducive to their healthy growth. If you aren’t sure about where to plant your trees, you can consult with the trained arborists of S&P Tree Service. They can help you choose the best site for your new trees and assist you with the installation process.

What to Know About Low-Maintenance Trees

While these trees are known for their low-maintenance appeal, any tree may require maintenance from time to time. It’s important to monitor your trees to ensure their health. Also, after a particularly rough storm, it’s always a good idea to inspect your trees. Wind and storms can knock down tree limbs, leaving them more vulnerable to trees and pests at the site of their injury. In such cases, it’s always best to rely on your tree trimming service to inspect your tree and recommend the ideal preservation techniques.

All Trees Require Trimming (at Some Point)

Any tree is apt to need trimming/pruning at some point. Some, like these, are especially low maintenance. If your inspection turns up a dying limb, it’s important to remove the limb or call your tree trimming service to perform the task for you. S&P Tree Service brings all the equipment needed to efficiently trim trees and help clients maintain the health of their trees. Our trained arborists know precisely how to prune trees in order to support their health and beauty.

If you do require extensive tree trimming service or tree removal, you can rely on us to perform the work. We also provide stump grinding. Be sure to contact us if you are concerned about any aspect of your tree’s health.

Trees can add value to your property as well as curb appeal. The trees listed here are known for their beauty, but many trees grow happily in the landscape of Dallas. No matter what trees you choose to grow in your landscape, you can count on S&P Tree Service to perform routine tree trimming services and other tree care solutions as needed. We’re known for our affordable rates, experience, and expertise. Contact us to learn more about our tree care services for Dallas, TX.

Photo By magicflute002 at istock