March 20, 2019

5 Expert Tree Care Techniques and Tips | Tree Maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Our comprehensive tree care tips are all you need to select and plant the right tree. With these, you will be able to effectively take care of your plants and trees.

It is important to remember that proper tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area starts by selecting the right tree. After this is done, pay special attention to its first few years of life. By doing so, you will be able to improve its lifespan, strength, and even its shape.

The following steps will ensure that your tree stays healthy throughout its lifespan.

Tips and Techniques for Tree Maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

1.   Finding the Right Tree

Planting large trees under the utility lines will inevitably lead them to getting mutilated when they reach their maturity. Also, planting large evergreens on the south-side of your home will completely block the winter sunlight. Such considerations should be in your find when finding the right tree.

This is why you should consider the limitations of your planting site. These include the hardiness of your location and its future height and spread. Next, sun exposure is really important as it will actually hinder how the tree grows out.

Lastly, soil conditions are also important for tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area. You should know that some trees actually grow best with a particular type of soil.

2.   What to Look for in Your New Tree

Upon delivery, it is important for you to really inspect your tree.  Here, your decisions will be based on the following:

Root Trees

These types of trees have a surprisingly abundant and fibrous root growth. This means more tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Think of it this way, the roots of these trees will grow proportionately with their stem growth.

Burlapped and Balled Trees

These trees have firm soil balls where the trunks are securely tied. If, however, they have a broken ball, you shouldn’t accept them. The only consideration here would be that the root ball should be the adequate size for the tree.

Potted or Containerized Trees

The previous category of trees is usually considered for container-grown trees and the pot or basket should be removed when planting. Here, your plan for tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area, should make sure that the pots don’t contain large and circling roots and the pruned roots shouldn’t be wider than a finger.

3.   The Importance of Mulch

Every person worrying about tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area should know that mulch is very important for the tree’s health. This is because mulch insulates the soil to provide for a buffer during both – cold and hot temperatures. It does so by retaining water in the roots and keeping them moist.

What’s more? Mulch has also been known to keep the weeds out of the plants in order to prevent what is known as root competition. Lastly, mulch will reduce the damage to your lawn mower while you carry out tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

4.   Watering Your Tree

Newly Planted Trees

For these new additions, you will immediately have to begin watering them and continue to do so on a daily basis.

During the First 2 Years

In this period, your tree will be expending quite a lot of energy to get itself established in the soil. You can make it easier for your trees during tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area by watering them more and adding wood chip mulch to the soil. Also, deep watering has been known to speed up the root establishment process.

When and How Much Water?

Too much or too less- both can prove to be bad for tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Here, you will have to learn the difference between moist and soggy as both can be determined by simply feeling the soil.

Damp soil dries in a shorter period of time and therefore allows for adequate levels of oxygen to permeate the soil. A general rule of thumb can be to provide the soil with a steady stream of water for about 30 seconds with the help of a garden hose.

After the First 2 Years

After this period, you tree will have established its roots in your yard. This also means that your tree can survive on wider ranges of watering conditions.

5.   When to Prune Your Trees

This completely depends on why you prune your trees. The removal of dead wood or light pruning can be done at any random time. Other than these, you will need pruning for:


The desired effect from your trees should be a burst of new growth in spring. To do this, you should wait until the coldest parts of the winter season have passed and species like birch, walnuts and maple begin to bleed. When you notice that their sap has begun to flow, you should go about your pruning for tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


Pruning in this season is done in order to direct the growth of the tree and to slow down the branches you don’t want. In the summer, you will also be able to see all the defective limbs and those that have too much weight of leaves on them.

Avoid Pruning in the Fall Season

Pruning should be avoided in this season because the decay fungi on trees spread their spores during this time and your trees ability of healing of wounds is a lot slower.

On that note, we would like to conclude that learning how to implement tree maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth area is something that requires quite a lot of experience. So why don’t you some help?

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