December 30, 2018

5 Common Tree Trimming and Pruning Mistakes | Tree Trimming Service in Fort Worth, TX

To enhance the beauty of the trees and prolong their life, it is important to expose them to proper trimming and pruning. The activity not only improves their growth, but it also prevents the bark from being infected. You might have seen dozens of trees on the sidewalk that stand straight and tall, and some that are wilted or leaning to one side. The fact is that nature has a way of pruning these trees, but when the trees are not planted in the right location, they tend to take a deformed shape.

If you live in a residential subdivision that is controlled by the homeowner association, then you will understand the importance of tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX. That 100 years old tree in your backyard is dangerously close to causing some serious damage to your property and children. In order to prevent any oncoming disaster, you need to have the homeowner association’s approval. Once you have that the approval, you need to call a professional for tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX. Your aim here should be to restore the tree to its former glory rather than chopping off the branches and leaving ugly, exposed stumps everywhere. After all, the tree is older than you and needs to be preserved.

Why Hire Tree Trimming Service in Fort Worth, TX

The reason why it is important to hire professional tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX is because you don’t know which branches of the tree need to go in order to boost its growth. Every branch has immense potential in shaping the tree’s growth. The main goal is to promote a tree’s health, and this is done by:

  • Removing branches that rub together
  • Removing dead stalks that may infest their entire tree
  • Removing branches that were damaged in a storm or by an animal
  • Removing a thin tree crown to help with the airflow
  • Removing branch stubs

Most people believe that regularly pruning the tree will encourage flower or fruit development. However, that is not true! There’s a specific time for tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX, which should be followed or the growth of the tree will be stunted. The reason why trees should be trimmed is to maintain its true form and a thick hedge. A tree should only be trimmed to maintain its size and shape and remove waterspouts and dead branches.

Now that you know why tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX is so important, let’s have a look at five of the most common tree trimming and pruning mistakes:

Often people hire an individual who works at a local maintenance service shop and is handy with a saw. We get it that you are trying to save money, but what you are forgetting is that a badly pruned tree destroys the overall look of your house.

1.   Topping

Topping is often done on crape myrtles or trees planted in a place that was too small for them. We call it “crape murder” because this practice leaves a lifeless tree. This trimming trick involves cutting a large section from the tree’s crown along with most of the leafing branches. What you get here is a deformed specimen that has a weak branch structure. If you are worried that the larger branches might fall and cause damage, then it is better to call for emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX.

2.   Bad Timing

As mentioned earlier, there’s a specific time for pruning trees. This timing depends on the tree’s species. For example, from February till June, oak trees must not be pruned as they are vulnerable to oak wilt disease. Heavy pruning should be avoided if the tree branches are already stressed. Before calling for tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX, get the tree inspected from an arborist. In summer, avoid pruning branches that are facing west because sun exposure can cause scalding marks all over the tree. As a result, the trunk bark gets damaged and the tree weakens from the middle.

3.   Improper Cuts

When the tree branches are cut too close to the trunk, the branch collar that has special cells, which help with wound healing, is destroyed. The branch collar is located near the spot where branch meets trunk and you can easily recognized from the bump it creates. The callous created by the branch is what prevents any disease from infecting the tree. When the trunk is exposed, the trimmed part becomes vulnerable to pests and kills the tree slowly. When proper cuts are made, there’s a chance that the bark might tear off from the trunk. This can also cause the trunk to develop splits.

4.   Over Pruning

Yes, over pruning is also a problem. Rule 101 of tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX is that no more than 15% of the tree’s foliage should be trimmed. In fact, even 5% is enough. When more of the canopy is removed, it becomes quite difficult for the tree to transfer food and nutrients to the entire structure. This weakens the support system and causes the tree branches to start wilting.

5.   Lion’s Tailing – Raising the Canopy

Unskilled tree trimmers remove many of the lower branches just to elevate the canopy. This results in the tree taking an ugly shape, which is called the “Broccoli Effect”.

Broccoli Trees

We are not talking about actual broccoli trees. Often, in hopes of growing lush and greener lawn grass, homeowners cut off all the lower branches of the tree. This raises the canopy and provides sunlight to the grass that is otherwise hidden under the shadow of the tree branches. Since grasses like Bermuda need 6 hours of sunlight and St. Augustine 4 hours, the tree branches are often trimmed and pruned severely, which leaves a few leaves on the branches. If you stand back and look at the tree as the part of the scenery, you will find that it has this broccoli shape that is beyond ugly.

Since providers of tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX know their way around different tree species, they know when and how to trim and prune trees.

Tree trimming is a dangerous task that requires patience and special technique. For tree trimming and tree removal service in Fort Worth, TX, call S&P Tree Service. The company offers affordable tree trimming services. To book an appointment, call 469-789-6775.