May 27, 2021

4 Situations When You’ll Need Emergency Tree Service | Dallas, TX

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Not many homeowners will think about the trees on their property. They might spend a significant amount of time obsessing over the condition of the plumbing and the foundation without even giving the trees on their property a second thought. However, the trees on your property not only enhance curb appeal but the market value of your property as well. They also require quite a lot of care.

While regular tree trimming services can keep your trees healthy and strong, you might need to call an emergency service at times. In this article, we’ll look at 4 situations where you might need to call an emergency arborist to come to your home.

#1. It’s Diseased or Sick

Although there are ideal times for trimming your trees or removing them, you need to take action immediately if the trees are diseased or sick. Different trees are susceptible to different types of diseases and injuries, so you should educate yourself on the types of symptoms to look out for based on the trees that you have on your property. With that said, some of the most common signs of disease or sickness include:

  • Hollow pits
  • Dusty, white mildew
  • Lumpy or spherical growths
  • Wilted, spotted, burnt, or yellow leaves
  • Holes in the bark or the leaves
  • Dead branches

Once you notice signs of disease or illness, you should call an emergency tree service in Dallas, TX immediately. You definitely don’t want to wait at all. It’s easy for the disease to spread. If it spreads throughout the tree, it could end up killing it even if it was healthy to begin with. Worst of all, the disease could spread to neighboring trees and ruin your entire yard. At which point, you’ll need to get rid of all of the trees on your property.

An emergency tree service will assess the condition of the trees and figure out the type of disease or injury that it is suffering from. Based on that information, the emergency tree service will decide whether you need to trim off the diseased areas or whether it would be better to remove the entire tree to stop the disease from spreading.

#2. The Branches or Roots Are Endangering Property

You’d be surprised at just how much damage the branches of roots of trees can do to a property’s structure. In fact, it’s fairly easy for tree roots to intrude into the plumbing. Once that happens, the tree roots will travel up the plumbing and can eventually cause a large section of the plumbing to burst.

Depending on the size of the tree and whether you notice that the branches or roots are endangering any of the surrounding property, you should consider calling an emergency tree service. In the event that the roots are intruding into the plumbing, you’d want to patch up the plumbing and figure out whether it would be better to prune the roots or to relocate the tree in question. Just keep in mind that if you prune the roots, they will grow back fairly quickly, and will become a nuisance to the plumbing again. Tree root intrusions can lead to quite a hefty bill.

#3. You’re Putting Your Home Up for Sale

If you want to pull in potential buyers, then it’s crucial that you clean up your property. That includes not only the inside, but also the outside as well. Emergency tree services will get your yard and garden looking picturesque in no time! The professionals will be able to trim some of the branches and shape the trees, so they look great! They’ll also be able to remove any areas that might be getting in the way of those who are passing by.

You’d be surprised at just how much of a difference an emergency tree service will be able to make. They’ll be able to completely transform your property so that it looks very high-end and beautiful. Improving the curb appeal of your home will also increase its overall market value, as well as the number of potential buyers who will put in a bid. The more people that bid on your property, the more likely that you’ll be able to sell at a good price.

#4. The Tree Is Leaning Towards One Side

If you notice that your tree is leaning towards one side, you should definitely call an emergency tree service as soon as possible. The most likely solution will be to remove the tree. If the tree leans too much to one side, it could potentially fall over and become a safety hazard to not only your property but also to anyone who might be nearby.

In worst-case scenarios, leaning trees have fallen onto homes and damaged the entire structure, causing the homeowners to have to tear down the existing structure and build a new one. The bill for that will be astronomical. It’ll skyrocket even more if anyone was injured by the fallen tree.

Call Us for Emergency Tree Services in Dallas, TX

The condition of the trees on your property will have a huge effect on the property’s overall appearance and aesthetics. If you are dealing with any of the situations above, it’s a good idea to call for emergency tree services in Dallas, TX as soon as possible. Only the professionals will be able to assess the situation and provide you with more details on what to do. At times, you might be able to get away with relocating the tree or trimming it rather than removing it entirely.

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