December 30, 2017

3 Tips for Tree Maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth Area

It is important to keep in mind that taking care of trees starts off with you selecting the right tree and how you take care of it in the first few years. It will affect how the tree grows up, it’s strength and even how long it will live. The decision to grow trees in your property is a significant one. They are more or less going to become a permanent part of the landscape surrounding your home and the care that they need is something which in no circumstances should be given little importance. Here are a few comprehensive tips which can allow you to get started on tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

Finding a Tree Worth Maintaining

Proper tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth area begins with making the right selection of tree to grow and planting that tree in the right kind of place. It is important to remember the fact that trees, once planted, are going to be there for a lifetime and that is why it will pay off well if you plan ahead and plant it where it can thrive for the foreseeable future.

Planting a species of tree that grows tall really fast can be problematic if you do it under utility lines. As the tree grows larger and larger, it will affect the tree’s growth as it reaches maturity. The lines can affect its growth and mutilate the tree over time to an extent that it has to be cut down. Tall trees also tend to become a problem for the main power-lines and overhead cables. As the roots grow underground, they can damage the electricity lines or they could make for potential damage to overhead cables since animals do tend to reside in trees. They can also become a real nuisance if they are in close vicinity to overhead power lines.

If you have no trees on the northern end of the house, you are essentially losing out on a good opportunity to stop the icy cold winter winds that come in from the north. Planting trees on the southern side of the house will mean you are going to block the sunlight which is much needed in the winter season.

Start off by defining the reason why you are planting your new tree. It could be for aesthetic purposes, privacy, wind breaker or shade. Whatever the main purpose of your tree is will determine the kind of tree you should go for. Finding the right tree to plant will go a very long way for your needs of tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

1.    Selecting a Healthy Tree

Tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area cannot start off without having a healthy tree in the first place. When buying a tree, you have to keep a few key factors in mind.

First and foremost, the tree should have a lot of root growth that is of a good color and is moist. The soil ball which comes with the tree you are looking to buy should be properly tied up and under no circumstances should you buy a tree which has a broken soil ball. Base your purchase of burlapped trees on the sturdiness of the ball than the shape of the branches or the trunk.

If you are going for the purchase of mature trees, make it a point that the tree has bright and healthy bark. Observe the trunks and the limbs to see if they have suffered from any sort of injury or damage. There is also the underlying problem of infestation by insects. Do not purchase a tree that does not have a healthy bark and also make sure that there are no insects in there. That will become a problem for the growth of your tree and stop it from thriving and growing to its full maturity. That can lead to significant loss of money and be damaging for your landscape since you will have to remove it.

2.    Choice of The Mulch

Once you have made a selection of what type of tree you want and where you are going to plant it, you can plant it with an ease of mind on the right spot. The best thing that a newly planted tree can have and will be imperative for it starting off a long and healthy life where you planted it is mulch. It is invaluable for tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Mulch provides insulation in the soil for your new tree and regulates the cold and warm temperatures for the new tree. It is also key for the retention of water in the soil for the roots of the freshly planted tree.

Add mulch to the base of your newly planted tree after removing the grass which is surrounding the immediate vicinity of your tree. The amount you should clear up depends on the size of your tree but an ideal radius would be of 3 to 10 feet. Pour the natural mulch going 4 inches deep into the soil in the area covered by the circle. And avoid the mulch from touching your tree trunk.

3.    Why You should go for Professionals

The whole process of taking care of trees can be difficult to maintain since the maturing trees require the eyes of people who have a trained eye to seek out the problems which the layman’s eye cannot point out. Long term maintenance also requires the execution of more difficult tasks which an average home owner cannot find the time to perform or are too dangerous without proper training and equipment. This is why it would serve you better to hire professionals who are experts in tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and will provide you the kind of service that is considerate and give you your money’s worth.